The little child within us that often felt unsafe in the world, wanders around looking for shelter even as an adult.

It rarely occurs to us that such a place is ourselves.

When we don’t learn to trust the quiet emptiness that we are all made of, we will spend our life hoping to be welcomed into a place to call home.

A place where we can feel at peace and nurtured, away from a world often too big and unforgiving.

Dear Friend, if you are that child, take a rest right now.

Within you.

Take your younger self by hand and lead it into the most silent part of you.

It will be ever so scared at first.

So lost within that vastness we all come from, but we rarely allow ourselves to go back to.

The more you will visit, the more that child will stop fidjiting, until it will be able to just rest and be.

That day, your will have become you own refuge.

Antonia Lyons