Dear Familia,
While I enjoy the slowness this time of the year brings, I can’t help thinking of all the times we expect those around to light the way ahead for us.
It’s not our fault, it’s just the way we are taught and those before us learnt: to always keep a little light on for everybody else.
Even when they can’t see.
Even if that means having to remain in dark ourself for a little while, waiting for them to find their way again.
This is how the world has been for so very long, we assumed it is the only way.
I invite you dear friend to be Your Own Light.
To keep the way ahead well lit for yourself first.
Bright and safe.
And to truly enjoy how that makes you feel, even when those you love the most still need to stumble about in the dark for a while longer.
Allow them to feel their way around for themselves, while you treasure your own little flame.
Keep it going, steady and nice, calmly shining your way through life.
In Grace,

Antonia Lyons

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