Our world is grieving.
Wherever we turn, much pain is being endured and not a lot makes sense.
We, ourselves, are often left wondering if there is any meaning to it: is this how we grow? Through the tears and heartbreak? Through the hardship and not knowing what the future holds?
How can we take flight when so much burdens us, even when it is not our own reality? Even when we are just watching it all from a far.
Precious Friends, may you start this new month remembering that life grows in the desert.
In the barren land that offers no hope, there is a hidden spot, repaired from the harsh weathering, where tiny seeds get to sprout into little flowers.
Colourful life scattered around as a reminder that this world is made of contrasts.

Be that flower dear Gracers.

Offer the gifts your heart carries to this grieving world of ours. Give it life, trusting that who receives it will pass it on with the same generosity and hope.
In time the tears will dry and those around us will remember they are that colourful life also.
It is my wish that you may find ways to restore your weary heart at this trying time. Look for the other flowers in the desert my darlings. They are everywhere, you just need to look and trust.
May you remember that you are never alone and may you know that you are always loved.

Antonia Lyons

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