Blessings Familia,

How are you all?

While spring is already making its way out, I just cannot believe how quickly this year is going.

Whenever a new season approaches, I like preparing an altar to celebrate life with her wise cycles.

Back in March though I just could not make a spring altar.

I could not connect to the essence of this season while the world had suddenly come to a halt.

If anything, I had felt rather “wintery” with a great need to retrieve under my duvet, away from so much pain and disbelief.

Much has changed during these 3 months within my heart, and I have been able to tap into something that is far greater than the matters of the world.

So I warmly welcome this new season, with gratitude and a newly found appreciation for the amazing journey I’m on.

A journey that, same as yours, is filled with things I don’t always understand right away, but which takes me to a new awareness along the way.

This allows me to stay open and receive the amazing grace and wisdom wanting to emerge through every experience.

I wish you a soothing weekend, with the hope that wherever you are at in your life, you will always allow your beauty to show.

Antonia Lyons

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