“The journey of the soul cannot be put into words, at least not human’s words.

This alone is the one thing that actually requires us to walk a path that is never straight nor smooth.


Yes, we’d meet other souls along the way, possibly find love and even settle down somewhere.

But to walk the path of the soul is to be committed to its yearning for growth.

So we’ll go where we can be forged and take with us only the one who can stand the heat, for this is an “alchemical process” more than anything.

Life is the arcane alchemist who turns us into golden wholeness if we dare enough to take her direction.”

Dear Friend, this is a snippet from a post I wrote thinking about my beloved husband.

On the eve of our 10 year wedding anniversary, I can’t help feeling gratitude for the beautiful gift this man offers me.

He mirrors back to me all that I am.

The day I meet him with harsh words, it is also the day I speak to myself unkindly.

When I am not present enough within our union, I have also left myself behind.

Not being able to truly cherish his joy, tells me that my heart is closed to my own joy also.

This is a sacred relationship: the container where we grow through looking into another’s eyes.

For in there we shall find ourselves time and time again.

May we welcome the gift our beloved carries into our lives & receive what we come to see in their eyes with a renewed love for ourselves.

May we always allow each other to be all that we are.

And so it is,

Antonia Lyons