“It’s only within the quiet of our heart that we connect to our innate resilience and courage to start anew.

Over and over again.

They are built within us, but we forgot.

We have become so lost in the loud chaos of the world, that we are no longer aware of our incredible resources .

We’d rather follow someone else’s advice, than finding our unique way to tap into our own wisdom & grace.

And so the story goes that I have spent these last several weeks allowing the journey to unfold as it needs to.

What amazes me the most is that “I’m still standing” .

No matter the catastrophic news on TV, the prospect of a doomed economy, and gloomy times ahead, I’m here.

Like I have never been.

Because I’m present with what it is, rather than fight it.

And as I stand in all the uncertainty of this time, I sense that it does not matter.

It doesn’t matter if I know where I’m going or not.

If things will soon change or not.

It doesn’t matter if I have lost all my dreams.

It’s the journey that matters.

I’ll create new dreams and make new wishes.

And as I do so, I shall walk a thousand new roads and write a million new stories.

The journey you and I are on, never ends.

It simply becomes something else as we go along.

Where do we go from here will become yet another story”. Read on https://www.evokinggrace.com/evoking-grace/we-are-re-writing-the-world

Antonia Lyons

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