Flying Through Heaven

My father died 10 years ago today.

We had neither expected or taken this into consideration.

After all, life should have stopped for I was going to get married after 3 months.

“No one gets to die when Antonella has something planned”, I kept on telling myself.

No Easy Way Out

Not many people know this, but I am a huge fan of Rocky Balboa.
I must have watched every movie hundreds of times and never grew tired of them.
When I moved to London and I kept on getting knocked out by life, my mum even sent me the original soundtrack…

We Are The Artists Creating Their Own Life

Art moves our heart, inspires us, even makes us dream.
We think of the genius behind the masterpieces we love, like someone with the arcane power to create something from nothing.
That something becomes part of us, because art often speaks to the soul.
And yet we hardly seem to know that we all posses the same gift.

Our Fears Are Our Children

If there ever was one thing that every single one of us, every family, tribe, organisation is being asked to do right now is to let go.
Ahhhh, it sounds so liberating, doesn’t it?
I let go.
Yet, this is the one thing most of the planet is struggling to do right now.

The Words Never Spoken

We all have truths we chose not to reveal to the world.
And in so doing, we feel that it was for the best
and that we protected those closest to us.
We spared them something too big to handle, or perhaps just the small grievances of every day life.
But truths are truths.
They never too big…

We Are All Waiting

Waiting is a bit of an art…
Some days may feel like you’ve been waiting all your life, while some lives may never feel long enough.
There is so much you want to do and yet, you can never quite get around to do it.
So you wait for the perfect time, opportunity, or person to come along.

You Are The Storm

For all the times your nights never seemed to end
For all the times you didn’t feel you could get out of bed, but you did anyway…
For all the times you never thought you could face another day…
For every single one of those heart-breaking times…do know my friend that you always had it in you to come through and carry on.


Happy New Year Familia!
How did 2020 end for you?
Were you happy to see it out or grateful for what it brought you?
No one knows what the year ahead will gift us with despite the gloomy predictions.
The future is not written and it’s down to us to decide what kind of story we are going create, moment to moment.

You Are The Light The World Needs

Wishes for a blissful & nurturing Solstice.
While I carry on taking Sacred Rest, I offer you all my deep gratitude for your courage & perseverance.
Over & over again this year I have been touched by your spirit, your resilience, & your faith.
Each one of you, in this moment, holds the light of the world.

Don't Hide Your Magic

Wishes Familia for a blissful Samhain’s week.
My very favourite time of the year.
The veils between worlds are at their thinnest and our loved ones silently move around us having come back from other spaces.
During this time being quiet comes easier, for everything invites us to go within.

Be In Trust

This is the time for absolute trust in yourself.

While the whole world is being crippled by its own fears, you will be able to stand on your feet. You’ll have drama flying all around you. You’ll have issues coming up from within yourself which will drive you nuts.

Allow Your Beauty To Show

While spring is already making its way out, I just cannot believe how quickly this year is going.
Whenever a new season approaches, I like preparing an altar to celebrate life with her wise cycles.
Back in March though I just could not make a spring altar. See More


You Only Get What You Give

I have been quiet lately and chosen to offer silence to our grieving world.

I suddenly felt that no word could placate the anger wanting to emerge.

I’ve remained silent but vigil, knowing that this too shall pass. See More

Going Back To My Roots

I was born Antonia Tuzio.
And I had curly hair.
I liked neither.
I spent the majority of my younger years (if not all of them) wishing I had been called something exotic and that my hair had been straight.
I remember one day crying my eyes out cause a little girl told me her name was “Solange”.

Let The Heart Be Merry

I’ve gone serious about life lately!

And that is never a good thing, at least not in my book!

The other day I realized I had rang my own mother at 7 in the morning so we could discuss life, and thank God her only come back was “what’s to discuss?”

See More

We Shine The Most In The Dark

It’s not always easy to accept your own flaws.
Now more than ever.
I’d love to tell you all of how I’ve found enlightenment during this pandemic; of how it took a virus to make me a brand new woman.
None of that I’m afraid.
I’m the same “me” I was 2 months ago.

See More

We Must Keep Magic

Blessings Friends,
Join me in welcoming this new month.
I’ve always liked May, for it brings a fresh and quiet anticipation of much abundance to come.
The summer months are on the way, but not just yet.
So it’s a lovely transitional time in between seasons, when the air is fresh and you can smell the morning dew. See More

A New Story

“It’s only within the quiet of our heart that we connect to our innate resilience and courage to start anew.

Over and over again.

They are built within us, but we forgot. See More

Clap For Yourself

One day, when this is all over, you’ll remember that you may have forgotten to thank the person who helped you the most during this unsettling time.

While the whole world is busy clapping for everyone else these days, today I invite you to CLAP FOR YOURSELF.

Yes YOU! See More

May You Stretch

I pulled this card early this year, actually on the first of January.
“May You Stretch”.
I wondered how these words would manifest in my life and I hoped this expansion would be as gentle as possible – See More

Life Is Speaking To Us

Good Morning To You Dear Souls.
Lately, as the world embraces itself in these uncertain times, I feel more and more a strong presence around me.
She moves with me, breathes with me, pauses with me.
And it’s in the pause, that I feel her the most – See More

Feeling Vulnerable

I have been afraid lately.
And I don’t think I have been the only one.
Yet, feeling so vulnerable and raw was both unexpected and uncomfortable.
Just like the times we live in.
It’s almost as if my mind suddenly turned off, leaving me unable to remember whatever I have learnt on my path through the years. See More

On My Mother

Trying to write something about my mother this morning is proving very hard.
I wanted it to sound both poignant and uplifting, truth is I’m not being able to do either.
It’s like words are failing me right now.
And I can’t help thinking of every mother whose kids, right now, are far.
And even when they simply live round the corner, in this very moment, everybody just feels too far – See More

I Pray

“I pray.
I pray that you may find your joy even in the midst of the uncertainty this time brings.
I pray that you may believe that what is unfolding so rapidly is to move you to a greater sense of yourself.
I pray that you may see how your struggles are everyone else’s.”
Joy to you Dear Soul on this day of great sorrow but also great beauty. See More

The Virus That Is Bringing Quiet Times

We’ve been asking for quiet times.
We’ve been saying how tired we are of a life that is way too fast and often uncompromising.
We forgot the values that those before us cherished and proudly shared in trying to keep up with this mad rush.
And now that the world stands still, we fear.
Now that every single thing around is inviting us to stop and rest, now that life is no longer rushing but slowing See More


When we trust the Universe to unload us from our worries and tribulations, we allow magic to happen.

The same magic that we’ve been trying to evoke by ourselves but which cannot stem from the burden we carry around.

We must share that load and allow something bigger than us to guide us while mending our wounds. See More


Today is an important day.

Today, in fact, is the day when something has suddenly become very clear.

And in that clarity, no matter what it will bring and where it will lead me, I suddenly feel tired and with no much left to give. See More

To Change Or Not To Change

Within us there is an intelligence that connects us to wellbeing at all time.
Even when we think that connection is lost, whether temporally or forever.
Don’t be part of the “easy way out” crowd….take a stand, and get in charge of your own mental and emotional health.
And if you think it’s all a bit too much or you genuinely don’t even know where to start from, don’t go solo.
Reach out. See More

On Death

Every day of our life is always linked to a passed event which has made us into who we are.
That for me will always be today.
My father died on the 12th of February 2011.
It was sudden and certainly unexpected.
I, sometimes, still wonder how our life can change so dramatically and so quickly. See More


It’s “Love Week” and the shops are full of Valentine’s gifts!
Wherever we look, there is something reminding us that it’s time to let our significant other know how important they are.
And yet, as the old good Gibran once said “Love is the only flower thsy grows and blossoms without the aid of the seasons!”.
This year, rather than hunting for the perfect Valentine’s gift, how about you presented y See More

Transitional Times

As we are halfway between winter and spring, I can’t help noticing an opening.
An opening despite the intensity of our times.
An opening within my heart.
As if I could sense new life coming together, waiting for lighter days to emerge.
This is the time when winter is slowly giving away to warmer and brighter weather. See More


Every month, when the moon is dark, we are invited to descend within the depth of our soul.
This month the call has been particularly loud and persistent for me.
Suddenly my daily rituals felt no longer enough to support me during these very intense times.
Deep need to stop would quickly be put aside by the need of going out there and make life happen.
And yet, last night I heard the call again. See More

It Was A Good Year

As many of us will happily see this year out, here is why 2019 has been the most important year of my life: ’cause I’ve fallen flat faced more times I can remember and I got back up more times I thought I’d be able to.

And every fall was acutely painful.

And every rise was more freeing than the previous one. See More

Life's Whispers

The time between Christmas and the New Year is when Life will deliver messages to us which contains the seed of what’s to come.
It’s a potent time indeed, when all around us slows down &
invites us to descend within our inner world .
Here we can wrap ourselves in the warm silence and peace which allows us to hear Life’s whispers.
To miss this call is to miss the pulse of new life gestating in the d See More

Winter Solstice

Dear Friends,
May you allow your soul to unload the weight of the world on this sacred day.
Winter solstice is the time when the essence of life calls us back into ourselves.
To refuse her invitation is to refuse our spirit the rest needed for new creation.
Slow down today and allow your body to adjust to the nurturing quiet the new season brings. See More

Meet King Peppe

Meet little king Peppe!
Whenever I look at these pictures I can’t help smiling cause they remind me how resilient we all are.
I’ve met Pat a while back, whilst walking Zhibbi.
Pat is one of the last true “eastenders” left in my area.
Born & Bred. See More

We Are All Scarred

Life coming in will always touch old wounds.

They have been there for many years; some even believe we come into this world with wounds from past lives.

In accepting this, we accept that we are scarred. See More

Train Journey

I had the strangest experience last night on the tube on my way back home.
Perhaps I was feeling tired or still feeling the effects of an “indulgent” Sunday afternoon, but I suddenly became very aware of all the passengers on my carriage.
Every single one of them.
I could sense their breath, the heat off their body, their presence within that limited space.
It suddenly dawned on me that every day, See More

1st Of November

Evoking Grace – Home Every 1st of November I try and go to St Peter’s Italian Church in Farringdon.
I’m not religious in a religious way (if it makes any sense!) but the time between All Hallow’s Eve and All Soul’s Day is when I suddenly feel a bit Italian again and I like spending time in a place which has given solace to so many souls through the last two centuries!
It suddenly feels like being catapulted in Italy, See More

Samhain Blessings

When we honour the Ones who no longer are of this World we honour the continuity of Life.

There is a moment during this sacred time of the year when their presence is very palpable.

They say “the veils between worlds are at their thinnest” and it’s easier hearing Life’s whispers. See More