I have always had a “knowingness” that allowed me to sense how life may evolve and why people behave the way they do.

This would come through as a deep & strong feeling, which I was then able to turn into words and make sense of it.

I never thought much about this ability, other than I never felt alone in the world.

It was as if someone had constantly be standing right next to me, keeping vigil & leading me back to myself whenever I went astray.

I’m well aware that my life would have turned out very differently, had I not let my intuition show me the way through the years

Guidance Writing

Today I’m delighted to bring my “inner knowingness” & passion for writing together.

It is my offering to those who may just be opening up to the matters of the soul or simply in need of a little nudge in the right direction.

My “Intuitive Writing” service aims to bring clarity & guidance around a specific issue or questions you may have about your own journey.

Perhaps you sense blockages along the way, or you feel there is something else you should be doing with your life.

Maybe you have noticed how a certain scenario keeps repeating and wonder why that never changes.

Simply Email Me up to 3 questions & I shall write back a detailed report of what I intuitively feel might be happening.

Whenever questions come through, I sit with them in a quiet and sacred space while I allow a greater wisdom to come through.

My words will inspire, reassure, & show you a broader picture of the issue.

Please note that “I don’t fortune – tell”; I simply assist you along your path by providing insight and a clearer perspective.

There is not set charge for this service. However I’d be delighted to receive your offering when you email your questions.