We are like fish in waterMy work as a coach aims to help my clients see how thinking impacts their lives.

Thought, or the energy that creates all our mental activity and thinking, is the least recognized and most important aspect of life.

Yet, most people have no idea thought is all there is because it’s extremely pervasive.

We are like fish in water: completely immersed, surrounded, and swallowed by thought.

So here is how the story goes…

We’re born and then we die.

And what we get to do with the time in between that is using our power to think.

Through Thought we’ll be writing the story of our lives, with trillions of images, opinions, ideas, feelings, insights.

When I saw this truth for myself, I felt free for the very first time in my life.

I sensed the vastness of this truth and I felt safe in it.

I saw how we just live in a world of thought and how that has implications.

It became clear why we struggle when we don’t know our role of thinkers and why we live a better quality of life when we do.

I suddenly stopped being bothered by the constant chatting in my head.

Like music fading in the background, I could still hear the different sounds but it just stopped being a problem.

It became apparent that I’ll be enjoying different songs and tunes for the rest of my life, because that’s all there is.

It took me quite a while to really grasp the enormity of the principle of Thought and the fact that we live the life we think.

I struggled to accept the simplicity of it.

I wanted it to be arcane and elusive, so I’d have reasons to blame the world and everything in it for my struggles.

“Sorry everybody, this living business is way too complicated for me, so I’ll keep on getting it wrong if that’s OK!”.

That’s how I used to feel.

Today I help others have a nicer life by showing them how their thinking is the most important thing that will ever happen to them.

Once they realize the role of thought, what’s behind it and what is created through it they simply stop feeling victimized by the implications.

They start having a much easier and more pleasant experience of themselves and the world around, no matter what’s happening.

They stop being frightened by what they are thinking because they get to see how it’s all created by this constant energy.

And they go beyond it.Thoughts are like waves

One of the reassuring things of understanding how our mind works, is that thinking is programmed to constantly change if left alone.

There is a kindness to this self-regulating system which gives us plenty of fresh thoughts moment to moment.

It may not look so from the outside, but thoughts simply come and go.

All the time.

This is both extraordinary and hopeful, because it allows us to choose however we want to experience life every single moment.

Once we see how transient Thought is, we’ll start picking those thoughts that make us feel better and ignore those yucky thoughts which tend to linger around.


Because it’ll make loads of sense to just smooth our sailing through life rather than constantly drawing.

Would you not agree?

But Thought is not only transient & constant; it’s also extremely fast & furious.

We often find ourselves overwhelmed by the rush of our thoughts, don’t we?

It’s almost like being in open waters & tossed about by gigantic waves.

And like angry waves will always go back to be still water, our thinking goes back to the vast ocean of Thought and changes again.


Antonia Lyons @ Evokinggrace

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