While we anxiously venture through the end of this eventful year, many are feeling uninspired and weary.

What is awaiting us?

Where do we go from here?

Will life ever go back to what we once knew?

These are the questions that for now will find no answer, for taking one day at the time seems to be all we can do.

Pre Covid 19, taking life as it comes and being more spontaneous would top every “new year’s resolutions” list.

Something to work towards, strive for and almost always, fail at.

Instead, this is now a necessity.

If we are to come to the other end of these unsettling times in one piece, our tendency to control life  must be replaced by our ability to stand in the eye of the storm.

Quite literally.

While the world around us gets louder and angrier, we are are now left at a crossroad.

Which way do we go?

Do we fall victims of the seducing power of fear, shame and guilt coming at us from the external world?

Or do we retrieve to our inner world?

We always thought of this as mythical place only for the daring souls.

Frankly most of us have always felt at the mercy of life, not quite sure of which way to go.

We thought that we’d only find directions in someone else’s ideas & beliefs.

We simply forgot that there is a dwelling place within ourselves which everything leads to.

And even now, as you read this, you are probably thinking “Bullshit, there ain’t such a place…”

My words are not meant to change your mind: rather they are the mean my soul uses to speak to yours.

When souls get to speak, changes happen.

I am not going to suggest this is the most fantastic year yet.

I won’t even tell you that what we are enduring serves a higher purpose.

Somehow, I know you sense that already.

Instead, I will tell you of a place you long forgot.

Somewhere in between the sky & earth, there exists a tiny sanctuary.

It’s where our soul goes after being in the world.

Here, she will rest and replenish so she can go back out there and live more.

For this is what our soul wishes: to experience life.

Even when it is real hard.

Even when it does not make any sense at all.

But when our soul cannot come back to our heart, she gets lost in the noise of the world.

There we start to die a little, without even knowing it.

We would think that what we see is all there is, and yet we’ll sense so much is missing.

There is a time when you can hear your heart singing.

It is calling you back to yourself.

To ignore its invite is to choose staying lost in the world.

If you are anxious & worried about the future right now, trust that the quiet solitude of your inner sanctuary is where you need to be.

Don’t make this difficult, because it is not.

You don’t need manuals or teachers to tell you how to do this, for you already know.

The ability to come within yourself & converse with life comes with being human.

So next time time you feel a gentle pull, a light weight onto your heart, know that you are not mistaken: something is demanding your attention.

Your soul is asking you to let her go & get some rest, so you, the human . can go and live some more.

And so it is,

Antonia Lyons



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