Your Best Life is right Now. 

This is not only a very bold statement but may also be quite the triggering one.  

Your best life is right now. But you may not know this yet, for you are probably busy trying to better yourself, somehow. Lose weight, make more money, trying to be calmer. Maybe nicer? Travel more, exercise every day, watch less tv, eat the greens and ditch the sweets. 

It is a long list we all have; of things we hope will not only make our life better but us better people. As we tick the various elements off, we probably feel a sense of reassurance and satisfaction with ourselves. Yes, we are doing very well at working through our to achieve list, but we are surely ignoring one tiny caveat.  

Our Best Life Is Right Now.

Not “some – day when,” but in this very moment as it is. 

This is both hard to accept and digest. At least, it was for me at first. I have been a “I need to be more…before I can be more…” kind of person for most of my life. I always felt there was something I had to change for me to truly be OK with myself. I never felt enough as I was, and life was never big enough as it should have been. Constantly striving to improve myself somehow, I forgot the good bits.  

This is what happens when we live in a state of not enoughness: we lose perspective of what matters and who we really are. We hope that the future will bring us what we are missing and make us whole. Surely then people will respect and value us more. The mirror will reflect a poised and self-reassured superhuman, and our life will just be a smooth sailing towards our little spot in the sun. 

Your best life is right now,

I heard one day out of the blue as I was busy going through my little list. There were a couple of very urgent things there, and unless I achieved them my glass was never going to look full enough. But those words, although so unexpected, felt very real and truthful. And they also broke my heart, because accepting them meant having to accept myself just as I was. In that very moment, could I open my arms to ME, without looking any further?

Could I let it be enough?  

It is the striving for more that often keeps us constricted within the smallness we have unwittingly created. It is the belief that we are not quite there yet that keeps us on the go, unable to stop and smell the roses along the way. Since I grew tired of endlessly walking towards a “better version of me,” I choose to believe that I have made it there and there is nowhere else I need to go. No other mountain to climb or uncharted waters to sail. 

My best life is now. I accept and welcome the truthfulness these words offer, and I let that sooth my aching heart and mend my weary bones. Because I have exhausted myself in trying to be more and I can now rest in the certainty that I am as big as the space that slowly grows around me whenever I allow myself to just be.  

May you choose to welcome your enoughness  and let it be a reminder of your wholeness. May you fill your own well gratefully, feeling full of your own goodness. And when the world asks for more, may you be daring enough to say “I Am that I Am.” 

Antonia Lyons

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