Leslie Conway

Dear Friend,

It has been quite a while since my last post.

While much keeps on changing on the world scene, I gently and relentlessly allow the “undoing of myself” to carry on.

These last several months have proved to be the perfect container for such an alchemical process, offering time and space to release what I no longer need.

Catharsis are never a neat job, but I seem to be getting much better at unravelling the complexities I must have accumulated over many life times.

For simplicity is the word moving forward.

And whatever stands in its way can finally be let go of, as it will be of no use where we are heading to.

Lately it has become very clear to me that “Evoking Grace” means allowing our true self to come together and reside within our inner dwellings.

A place where we take refuge from the density of the external world, and where no words are needed.

Here we are not just human beings trying to survive yet another day; as we accept and open up to our divine self, we start moving beyond what our eyes cannot normally see.

Suddenly our very existence takes on a new meaning and we start flowing again.

This, in itself, is a sacred journey, which cannot be rushed or postponed. As it take us to the far end corners of this world, we are left in awe when our long search ends nowhere else but within ourselves.

And yet being able to accept the simplicity of this, means having to embrace our very humanness and surrender our struggle with it.

Are you ready to “accept & allow” life dear friend without the need to master it?

Can you savour what each day brings and trust that it stems from the same bottomless well?

Will you evoke your own grace as you move through a world often hostile and incomprehensible, knowing that you are all you’ll ever need?

And so it is,

Antonia Lyons




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