We Women have an incredible asset which is hardly spoken about and very often considered an annoying burden.

In a society that always expects us to be ready to go and on top of our game, it’s hard to believe that a woman’s menstrual cycle is actually her secret weapon.

Whenever I speak to the ladies, I often sense that they’d just be happy to dismiss the whole thing and swap life with our fellow boys.

As a young girl, I sensed that “those days” were sacred and held a secret. I always looked at menstruation as a special gift which made us unique and with an edge over our fellow men.

Imagine my utter disappointment when I entered menarche & the women around me just showed me how to get on with it and make as little fuss as possible.

Where was the magic I had anticipated? Where was the celebration and the recognition I thought every little girl deserved?

Thirty years on & a history in severe PMT now behind me, I still welcome my menstrual cycle with deep gratitude and respect.

Nowadays I support women to reconnect to their inner wisdom through their own menstrual cycle. By becoming aware of the constant change within their body and their psyche, my clients start managing themselves in a new & revolutionary way.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

I stumbled across MCA (Menstrual Cycle Awareness) by pure chance, during a time when I felt that the way I lived my cycle was lacking something vital.

I had been watching myself for a while, and I discovered how my life was just “business as usual” during the whole month.

There never was an attempt to make those day (or any day, really!) less demanding on myself, let alone sacred and special.

How could I think I deserve to rest when millions of women have challenging jobs, kids to raise, unsupportive husbands and they’d never ever give themselves even just a couple of hours off?

I felt guilty for not having kids, doing a job I love and having a very understanding husband and a super adorable pup!

“Sorry love you ain’t gonna get a break ’cause you’ve got an easy ride!”

That’s how I felt every day!

I remembered my mum and all the women I grew up with just soldiering through pain, tiredness & mood swings.

They wouldn’t even dream to put themselves before kids and husbands, let alone talk about what they had to endure every month.

And there I was, feeling that the only thing my body really wanted to do was to just STOP.

Every single month it was almost as if I could hear it whisper to me “Please stop. Please no more cleaning, talking, moving, rushing. Please stop”.

But the guiltier I felt, the more I’d push myself.

Sacred Time

By that time dealing with normal life had become torture not only during those challenging days but also rest of the month.

I felt angry, enraged, defeated, exhausted most of the time.

Whatever I was experiencing, felt very ancient as if it came from a time long gone.

The sadness and outrage that afflicted me every month were the same women felt generation after generation.

Women who walked the earth before my time cried the same tears and carried the same secret and I was unknowingly tuning into their pain through my own blood.

There was a time when women would retrieve in a sacred place during their “moon days”.

They would put any mundane task on hold and create space to connect to their own essence in silence and respect for the Great Mistery.

Within this safe space they could tap into the soul of the world and seek guidance not just for themselves but for their tribes too.

In time, women became disconnected from their innate wisdom and their cycle was no longer considered sacred but became a curse.

Let’s Re-Connect to Ourselves

Can we go back to the old ways and reconnect to a greater intelligence that always has our back if we pay attention?

Yes we can and we ought to, now more than ever.

Do we need to ditch our life and retrieve in a tent every month?

It’d be very nice indeed, but modern life comes with her demands and it may not always be possible to just “go solo” during those days.

There are however many things we can do during the month to support ourselves and create as much quiet and space around us as possible.

When we closely work not only with our own wisdom but the universal wisdom, we learn how to go through the ebbs & flows of life with grace.

Such an intelligence can only be accessed in silence & stillness.

It’s therefore essential to find our own unique way to tap into it as we go along, for everyday life is very often unpredictable and leaves little room for rest and peace.

Re-connecting to our own femininity through our menstrual cycle is a path of self discovery which promises a renewed love not just for ourselves, but for life itself.

Wrapping up

  • Our menstrual cycle is our North Star and shows us, moment to moment, if we are using our vital force wisely & efficiently
  • Same as the ocean’s tides, our mental and physical bodies will continuously go through many mini cycles, day in & out
  • Once we re-connect to these cycles, we are able to create well-being & ease even “during those days”
  • To re-connect to your body in a gentle and non invasive way try Yin-Yoga & Qi Qong
  • As you closely watch yourself, you will be able to find your own unique way to create harmony within & around yourself


Women carry within their body a great power, which is both transformative and healing.

To find out how I can help you tap into it, get in touch for a chat.

It will be a Joy & an Honor to assist you on the Sacred Path back to Yourself!