Being offline

Some days life sucks.

Or at least so it seems.

Those are the times when we are very likely to hide in our little shells to get away from a very hostile world.

Nothing feels or looks right.

Others look like the evil boogieman and we’ll keep well clear of them.

The perfect life we had moments before suddenly loses its sparkle and bam!….we feel stuck and turn into “a walking accident waiting to happen.”

When we end up making a “boo-boo” of ourselves more times than we recall, every issue turns into a crisis and life looks unforgiving and harsh, we’ve gone offline.

Being offline means that we are temporarily unplugged from our innate wisdom and we’ve got caught up in the dream of thought.

No matter what our predicaments are, we all have a deeper essence within, that will never be scratched by what’s going on, on the outside.

Call it “light within” or “inner flame”, this raw energy is made of pure Consciousness and always connects us to the Intelligence behind life.

When we get caught up in a whirlpool of dark thoughts the light goes down and we lose that connection.

When that happens, we naively believe that by fixing the world we’ll be feeling better and connected to the universal consciousness again.

Because of our mistaken belief that life works outside in, whenever we go offline we’ll feel compelled to change our life and people in it as a remedy to our ill feelings.

Imagine trying to figure things out while feeling uncomfortable, stressed or pressurised.

Not a good idea, right?

In fact that is usually a recipe for disaster.

How do we go back online?

When we are off our game we’ll desperately be looking to improve the way we play.

We may hunt for a new job in the hope of falling in love with the idea of working.

We’d suggest our partner they should really start acting differently so we can fancy them all over again.

We may even go as far as moving to a new area, looking for new adventures.

While we are busy changing our circumstances, we miss the fact that, at some point, our mind will clear.

No matter the trillion thoughts that have been obscuring our mind, there is always the moment when our thinking slows down.

When that happens our inner light goes back on.

All by itself.

And we are online again.

Being online

Life will feel better, things will run smoothly again and our partner will suddenly look amazing whether they wake up covered in their own dribble or not!

When we reconnect to our innate well-being what looked like an overwhelming issue becomes a situation to handle through common sense and insightful action.

That’s all.

When our head clears the world will not longer be a problem to be solved.

Insights and intuitions will be flowing through our mind like data runs through our PC’s cables.

From this space of ease, contentment and clarity, our mind accesses the deeper wisdom of Universal Mind.

Being on line is our default state and we don’t need to worry about how to get and stay there.

When our thinking slows down our mind always clears, even if it’s only for a moment.

So the pressure is off as it’s not up to us to manage our state.

We will always lose our bearings from time to time.

It’s called being human.

We will always be entering in and out of dark thoughts and low mood.

But when we see for ourselves that we have access to a constant state of grace, being offline stops being so scary.

No matter how long we stay unplugged from our innate health, we’ll know to step back when we can’t trust our thinking.

We’ll know to act only when our thoughts and feelings level rise and we feel more like ourselves again.

This way we’ll do less damage to our relationships and the whole world, while life will stop being a struggle.

Wrapping it up:

  • We will always have “no moments” and get in a low mood. It’s called the human condition
  • Even when we are off our game, we are still connected to our innate wisdom
  • Being online is our default system
  • We naturally go back online once our thinking slows down and our mind clears, so nothing for us to do in order to get there
  • What we do in between “on & off” moments is to be graceful with our lows and grateful for our highs (as the insightful George Pransky quite rightly once said)



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