I never used to like the word “Commitment”.

I found it imposing and limiting.

Almost as if it could deprive me of the freedom to walk away from any situation, should I no longer like it.

It was only recently that I came to appreciate what commitment brings and how it helps us navigate waters often uncharted.

And I think that’s where the problem lies: we don’t like not knowing.

Whatever we initiate, we want to know it’ll all work out fine otherwise we will be hesitant in giving our time, resources, and passion to it.

This hesitancy stops us from being fully present with what we’d like to create into our life.

We wonder why the job we so worked hard for suddenly feels old and restrictive!

Why the marriage we dreamed of as a child now makes us want to run away.

Why yet another business adventure has failed before even taking off.

We rush from wishing to create something to wishing to see how it all came together,  skipping all that is in between.

But that’s where the real gem is!

Commitment is the container for something formless to take form and become potential!

When we don’t understand how commitment holds our ability to create then we don’t appreciate how creating anything is actually a journey.

Whatever we wish to bring to life has raw potential and it’s only when we are devoted to its essence that we allow it to manifest.

We conveniently choose easiness over challenges cause it feels better and it’s safer.

Yet safety often leads to a slow death of the soul.

Commitment then becomes a ritual which serves to reinforce within us our love for what is yet to manifest.

The act of being present with what arises during this time, makes the creative journey an opportunity to grow.

Someone once said: What you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

That boldness turns challenges into growing experiences!

What others find hard to deal with, the bold & daring heart will thrive upon!

Suddenly commitment and challenges no longer scare us but carry the promise for a fuller and more meaningful life.

A Sacred Life.



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