We have become a culture of “blame”.

We blame ourselves for the chaos the world is in, for the violence that threatens our safety, for the climatic changes.

It looks to me as if suddenly “blaming” is the new thing.

“I blame, so I feel that I’m actively contributing to restoring order and balance in the world” – I feel most people tell themselves.

And yet,when we look at history, we can’t help noticing that our troubled planet has never been a safer place to be.

We don’t need to go too far back in time to see that it was even more oppressing and dense down here in the past.

Last year I had a sense that all this blaming business was reaching its peak: from the “Rebellion Extinction”   to young “Greta Thunberg”, it just felt as if we all had a constant finger pointed right in our face.

Their actions were aimed to raise awareness to the sad future human race faces.

Yet their angry approach and vocabulary, often left me and many others dubious and weary.

In the end, we just became indifferent to their cause and life carried on.

Cause that’s what Life does: it moves forward.

Despite the unsettling times we live in, life carries on.

And it always manages to go back to a state of balance, despite the challenges and hardship.

I often think that the freedom of speech most of us are privileged with, comes with reckless and arrogance.

I feel that nowadays people will just say anything in order to make a point and “being part of the conversation”.

Even at cost of blaming others and saying very dumb things.

The world needs no more blame, but being reminded of its own beauty

When I look at this world, my heart aches.

It aches for its endless wonders.

We can’t possibly comprehend how magnificent our planet is ’cause there is so much of it we’ll never get to see.

But we can feel it.

It only takes a bright sunrise to feel part of all this beauty.

I recently came across a YouTube channel which left me in awe and wanting for more.

I just love the way the person behind “3 Minute Time Out” collects astonishing and often mesmerizing facts of our human life.


So I decided to get in touch, for I sensed his videos had a sub story.

He simply told me how he wanted to offer others the opportunity to slow down during the day and reconnect to the beauty we are forgetting about.

‘Cause we are too busy blaming one another and living in fear.

The world may be troubled but it’s also incredibly rich with joy, fun, grace and so much love.

Whenever I look at these clips I’m reminded that yes, we probably went astray as human race at some point.

And yes, things may often have  been handled differently.

But if the purpose of human life is to grow and evolve, then we only know what we know.

And it’s only when we know better that we can start doing differently.

It’s not blaming one another that will take us there.

It’s not living in fear or the constant need to bring up the poor choices that were made in the past either.

I invite you to let your human fellows off the hook for once, for their struggle is your struggle too.

Choose instead, if only for one day, to love our Life as it is right now, trusting she will always move us forward.

Antonia Lyons


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