Autumn is my season.

It’s when I come alive and feel most connected to Life.

Its introspective nature suits me well, for it offers me the opportunity to slow down and really feel the richness I’m surrounded by.

Richness of colors, of smells and sounds.

Abundance of ideas and silence.

And that’s where the magic of Autumn is!

It’s in the fine line between a new creation and the need to wait and nurture it before we share it out with the world.

We make room for the new by ensuring all the old has served us well first.

After the exciting business of Summer, here comes the time to savor the fruits of of what we planted earlier on in the year.

Autumn is a time of integration,.

We are asked to slow down and “assimilate” all that we have learnt through the year.

Accordingly to Chinese Medicine this is when we are most connected with the depth of our being.

This is the time when we’d ask ourselves very deep questions regarding our place in the world and the meaning of it.

What doesn’t feel good anymore and weighs me down?

Who am I?

Where am I going?

What do I need more of and how will I get it?

These are questions about the core structure of Life, and the autumnal energetics help us assessing our reality with a critical eye.

Autumn is where Spirit is more present

It’s not surprise then that certain festivities, like Yom Kippur, Diwali & Samahin take place in Autumn.

They all mark in their own exquisite way the beginning of a new year.

We’ve been working hard during the year, endured cold and hot weather, let go of what no longer serves; now it’s time to start a new cycle with awareness and gratitude.

It’s easy in Autumn to both sense “completion” & “grief”.

Spiritually we are assessing the value of all the lessons we had to learn during the year, the gifts they carried and the insights they offered.

We feel complete in our ability to accept what worked and what didn’t, what stays and what goes.

This is the moment when grief may suddenly strike, as we acknowledge that everything in Life must change.

When we can sit with this simple yet profound realization and be at peace with it, we can them enjoy the beauty and possibilities each new cycle brings.

May this Autumn bring comfort & rest to our wandering souls.



Image by Rebekka D from Pixabay

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