There is a moment in our life, when we stand alone.

Regardless of the people close to us, there comes a time when our soul demands that we walk alone.

She asks us that we do something which may risk the love of those around us.

That is scary.

Very scary.

Yet, to ignore this, is to let ourselves blend into a colourless world.

My moment came the summer just gone.

Right at the time when many came together against all the fear & anger swamping the planet, I literally walked the other way.

If you ask me, it wasn’t a deliberate choice.

I wasn’t trying to make a point or impress anyone.

I simply could not deal with the challenges we all were facing in the way others would have expected me to.

Looking back now, I see how that was the single most liberating time of my life.

Because I chose to stand alone, despite being scared.

There is a certain power in that, as suddenly it does not matter whether others like you or not.

You are prepared to walk away from the safety of being accepted so that you can respect yourself.

I think this is what the pandemic showed me among the other things: that “going solo” is often a risk not many dare to take.

It’s easier to walk together even when that means giving up on our own uniqueness.

It’s safer to think and act as those around us, even when we are not entirely sure we agree or even understand the reasons.

So we look for leaders and “influencers” hoping that they will make sense of this crazy life for us.

We follow their guidance, we believe their words and accept their truth while we forget our own.

While someone else is deciding for us, we are forgetting how to converse with our own soul.

We are no longer in touch with our wisdom because we don’t trust our uniqueness.

Our attempt to be “one” with everybody else, has led to our inability to truly be ourselves.

We can no longer afford to be authentic because others may not like our humanness.

So we hide behind them because, in truth, we are terrified of standing alone.

We are made to believe that by ourselves we are small and we won’t make it in this cruel world.

Yet, If there is one thing the world needs more of right now is that we come forward in all our splendid messiness.

When we accept the truth of who we are, we no longer fear to stand out or being misunderstood.

We simply learn to offer ourselves in a way that is both honest and generous.

We won’t even try to impose our truth onto others because we will have learnt to accept them just as they are.

This is how we make space for our real talents to emerge and how, no matter how small we are, get to become leaders in our own unique way.

To ourselves and others.

And so it is,

Antonia Lyons





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