When we honour the Ones who no longer are of this World we honour the continuity of Life.

There is a moment during this sacred time of the year when their presence is very palpable.

They say  “the veils between worlds are at their thinnest” and it’s easier hearing Life’s whispers.

This has been a tumultuous year in many ways, both privately and worldly.

Yet, the one thought that keeps on coming back is that our major problem nowadays is our reluctance to acknowledge and commemorate Death.

We frantically move from one day to the next seldom remembering that we are not here to stay.

We are guests of this incredible planet and yet we act as if we own it.

Truthfully, we often act as if we had the whole time at hand and feel entitled to screw up as much as we like.

An old Italian singer used to sing of how it only takes a sunset to die.

I disagree (although the song is a beautiful ode to Life!)!

I believe dying is extremely easy and it only takes a second.

In that second, whatever you thought you had achieved on this side will no longer matter!

The heartaches, assumptions and the  struggles will dissolve in a sea of nothingness and one little light will go out forever.

So it’s down to us to keep that little flame on.

It’s down to us to let the continuity of Life going for

when we Honour Death we Honour our very own Life.

When we acknowledge the sacredness of our existence, then Life suddenly feels different and we can raise above our earthly tribulations.

I invite you,  at this special time, to sit in silence and light a candle.

For the ones you recently lost and are still mourning.

For the ones who are long gone but you still keep in your heart.

And for the souls who walked the Earth before our time and never left our side.

I wish you well Dear Friend,

Antonia Lyons

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