Dear Friend,

While summer slowly turns into autumn on my side of the world, I look forward to the gifts the new season will bring.

As I normally look forward to fall for its slower pace and vibrant colours, I am aware that right now life around me is very fast, and often, quite loud.

Does it feel the same at your end?

During the global pandemic last year, many got to like the sudden quiet that descended upon us, hoping it was here to stay.

To me that rather was a little taste of the goodness that we could be enjoying and soon enough things just got back to as they were.

Only that they now feel louder and more intense than ever.

While our world undergoes the biggest shift in consciousness yet, it is going to spin faster and faster for a little while longer.

This will surely bring us to feel unsettled, more sensitive to outside noises and activities, perhaps even overwhelmed at times.

It is a mad mad world out there right now, I’ll give you that.

What do you choose?

While all this unfolds around you Dear Friend, what do you choose?

This has to be the question to ask, and most of all “feel”, moving forward.

In each moment you will be presented with a choice to whether lose yourself in the seductive & distracting stories coming from the outside, or just stay close to “home.”

The more you choose to remain within yourself, the more you will be able to truly enjoy and benefit from this incredibly powerful time.

At every step of the way you will be invited to either go with the pointless arguments, tensions, fears or bring into your space the very thing you need.

Until you become it!

What do you need more of right now?

Silence, ease, perhaps laughter?

Whatever that might be, welcome it until it just becomes second nature regardless of what’s happening around you.

At times you may be surprised to see how tempting is to go the other way.

Of course, we are humans after all and life here on earth is so very seductive, like a mermaid’s chant.

When that happens, smile and just choose again!

It is very important right now to keep light about things, to laugh it all out as much as we can if we are to move through this graciously.

And move we shall, with a renewed sense of ourselves and our incredible potentials.

I wish you well my Dear Friend, and remember that I am always here on my side of the world, cheering for you.

And so it is,

Antonia Lyons

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