The soul growth we endured this year has been life changing.
Like brave warriors descending on a battle field, we didn’t shy away from what was asked of us: to emerge into our most empowered selves.
This emergency was never going to be quick nor smooth.
We knew what was expecting us, and yet the pain we felt at times has been both excruciating and cathartic.
We allowed Life to stretch us in ways we didn’t know possible.
Many times we fell and many more times we got back on our feet.
Bravely, we soldiered on.
Slowly we started to “shed ourselves”.
All that we couldn’t longer be, suddenly started to fall off us.
We were left with no armor, standing bare in front of all that is in all our perfect imperfection.
Nowhere to hide.
 We carried on doing what needed to be done not just for ourselves, but for the whole world.
We kept on growing, ’cause when we grow the whole world grows too.
As we healed, everybody else did too.
For all the tears we shed, the courage we summoned, the love we evoked, I invite you to mend your bruised soul.
Let the Warrior Within find comfort in the soundless quiet of the darker winter days.
Invite your intrepid self to just soothe its wounds while everything around gestates new life to come.
For this is the time for the Knights of Light to rest.
Soon enough, they shall proudly show their winning: their purpose and unique gifts to share with the world in this life time.
May you take good care of yourself, my Dear Friends, in the last moments of this very eventful decade, for incredible possibilities are now coming your way.

Antonia Lyons

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