Every story is meant to be the story.

Every writer wants to be the one who moves the heart and inspires the soul.

Right now, we all are just like that writer: facing a blank page, we could be writing the greatest story ever told.

Will it be a short or long one?

An epic tale or flash fiction?

Are we going to be heroes or sneaky villains?

Whatever it will be, we are surely re -writing the world.

While I watch life unfolding these days, there is a great talking about “doing versus no doing”.

Experts are saying to go easy on ourselves, ditch our good old “to do list” and accept that it’s OK not to know what the heck to do with ourselves right now.

I can certainly relate to that!

Many in my field have seen this pandemic as an opportunity to promote their services; like an army descended upon earth from the heavens, legions of “light workers”, healers, and therapists have offered their helping hand to the struggling souls.


I just retreated instead.

Right when people face their biggest challenge yet, I choose to retrieve and attend to my own heart.

It seemed the wisest thing to do.

I sensed two months ago that we were embarking on our journey of epic scale, which would require all our presence and strength.

This was not business as usual and no one knew where we’d end up!

I felt strongly  that, if I were to make it to the other end all in one piece, I had to start writing my story in a complete different way.

In that moment, I realized that hesitations, doubts, and lifetime fears could not longer be the main characters of my encounters..

It was time to become my own hero, and for this I needed all the silence and space I could create.

Because it’s only within the quiet of our heart that we connect to our innate resilience and courage to start anew.

Over and over again.

They are built within us, but we forgot.

We have become so lost in the loud chaos of the world, that we are no longer aware of our incredible resources .

We’d rather follow someone else’s advice, than finding our unique way to tap into our own wisdom & grace.

And so the story goes that I have spent these last several weeks allowing the journey to unfold as it needs to.

What amazes me the most is that “I’m still standing” .

No matter the catastrophic news on TV, the prospect of a doomed economy, and gloomy times ahead, I’m here.

Like I have never been.

Because I’m present with what it is, rather than fight it.

And as I stand in all the uncertainty of this time, I sense that it does not matter.

It doesn’t matter if I know where I’m going or not.

If things will soon change or not.

It doesn’t matter if I have lost all my dreams.

It’s the journey that matters.

I’ll create new dreams and make new wishes.

And as I do so, I shall walk a thousand new roads and write a million new stories.

The journey you and I are on, never ends.

It simply becomes something else as we go along.

Where do we go from here will become yet another story.

Antonia Lyons



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