Some encounters will turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary memory. 

Some of the people we meet along the way can alter the rest of our life by just starting to walk by our side. No special skills involved, but the simple choice of coming along because they “see us.” And we see them. 

On an ordinary day, two very ordinary people met. What followed is quite extraordinary and to this day, still touches my heart. 

I met my husband on the 25th of February 2006, at around 10.30pm in a club in Covent Garden. Not the typical club goers, that day we both reluctantly followed our friends despite just wanting to be elsewhere, away from the Saturday night crowd. 

Instead, there we were; two strangers in a packed Brazilian carnival themed party, standing in a corner waiting for the right moment to sneak out unnoticed and lose ourselves in the cold night. I used to do that a lot. Never a fan of busy places, whenever I joined my friends, the moment always came when I would suddenly leave all by myself. A bit like Cinderella, without the pumpkin and the pretty shoes. 

That night I stayed, and, in a way, I never left. 

Tired of hoping the right fellow would turn up and sweep me off my feet and that my life in London could ever be more than just going to a few parties and renting anywhere bigger than a shoe box, I was ready to pack up and go back to Italy. I was not happy, obviously. I am not a quitter, so having to admit that things had not turned out the way I had expected both broke my heart and made me feel ashamed. But all those years ago, 18 to be precise, one cold February morning, walking down London Bridge, something spoke to me. And I suddenly looked up to the sky whispering out loud: “God, your way, not mine! I am ready, and I don’t know where I will be going from here, but I cannot live a lie and I cannot stay if this is not my place anymore.” I had planned to spend the rest of the day making plans for my move, but my friends talked me into joining them for a night out in the West End instead. 

“Just come out babes and forget about this moving nonsense. What are you gonna do back in Italy? Wear sunglasses and look pretty all day?” 

It is fair to say that my life changed the moment I got out of the way and accepted that it had not turned into a fairy tale. Instead, it was often filled with uncertainty and worries about the future. There was no prince arriving any time soon on his magnificent horse and I was not going to be the successful lady I always wished I would be.

We dream of living an extraordinary life which can inspire others and leave a mark on the world, missing the power of the ordinary. 

While waiting for love to come & find us, we often cannot see who we really have in front of us. We have these great expectations on how they should be like and what they should offer us. 

 “Will you make me happy? Keep me safe? Make life perfect for me?”, is often what we’ll be asking of them. 

Right from the start. 

We don’t even know we do that, but everything within us will be begging not to have our heart crashed. 

No wonder often love affairs won’t last! We try and dump our heavy baggage on each other leaving little room for romance, let alone true love. 

But there is always the one person who will show you how to hold that huge suitcase, filled with fears, on your own. 

And in time, they will also help you empty it out so then you can truly go light about life. 

My husband took my heart and put it under a little crystal bell along with his own. 

So they could both grow stronger & bigger together. He never made life easier for me, but he showed me how to do it for myself. Never allowed me to dump my inner mess on him nor did he impose himself in my life. He gently but firmly stood by my side. His hand always out ready to catch me whenever I fell 

The path I chose in this lifetime is rarely straight and often very incomprehensible to the human mind. 

Yet, my husband never asked questions for he needn’t answers. He just walks by my side, allowing me to be all that I am. 

This boy, this ordinary boy, was showing me a life I never knew existed: he was pointing to the stars, telling me to look up. For that’s where we were going. Up to the sky. He showed me how to take chances and barter with life. He allowed me to be ordinary so I could live big. 


 Antonia Lyons

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