During our lifetime, there will be many transitional moments.

Going from adolescence to adulthood, for example.

Starting a family is also another important milestone.

And the obvious one, losing our loved ones while we stay behind with our memories & often, regrets.

Life will be filled with many moments of “passage”, all requiring our attention and awareness.

And yet we seldom acknowledge the sacredness of such times. In fact most of us will often get to the end of the road wondering how the hell we ended up there.

Did we miss out?

Was there something we should have seen and forgot to look the right way?

Did we have a valuable lesson to learn but we just were too busy to stop?

For such is life: she never waits for anyone, while demanding that we stay awake and pay attention as we try to keep up with her.

Transitional times are far from being fun.

They often are excruciatingly challenging, because as we move from one place to another there is a moment when we are in “no one’s land.”

This is the place where there is no going back but there is not moving forward either.

You are just there, in this empty space.

Hanging out with yourself.

And your mind.

Your memories, your crappy emotions, the bits about yourself you always kept away from the public eye.

It is all there, with you.

This is my friend, the most sacred place of all.

This place is literally a void within yourself and feels as if a huge crater had just burst out of your heart.

You will panic thinking there is something really wrong with you, for your life will not be “business as usual” for a while.

Whatever came natural before, suddenly loses its appeal.

The dreams and passion you had, may also be gone.

There is literally you, and you alone.

In the void.

The void is the place where you will hear life talking to you, if you brave the uncertainty that permeates it.

She will be telling you of all is well and how your own voice awaits to be heard.

“Hear child, hear. Words are being spoken, but you don’t recognize the sound of your own wisdom for the world is a noisy place.”

In the exquisitely silent and vast “no one’s land”, you have access to what will always move you during the many sacred passages of your life.


But you must be willing to ditch the endless questions about where you are going next and how to fix what you come from.

Grace will meet you in the reverence you feel for yourself & life.

This is the place where you suddenly surrender your need to ask and mostly, your need to be told.

We are constantly looking for wise words from a too often, loud and confused world.

It is in the quiet stillness of these transitional times that answers will emerge.

But  they will speak no words, so only our heart will be able to hear.

A threshold becomes then a moment of deep discovery and connection with ourselves.

While we move to a new time & space within our lives, we no longer need the certainty of what we left behind

We feel the excitement of trying new things while keeping our heart open to new possibilities.

Dear Friend, if you too have landed in “no one’s land”, know that all is well.

Know that you are exactly where you need to be right now, but mostly take as long as you need.

Allow yourself the gift of solitude & silence while Grace gently & steadily moves you where your soul is longing to go next.

So be it,

Antonia Lyons


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