I always liked the characters from Alice In Wonderland, so colourful and unapologetically authentic. Almost to say ‘We are all mad here…and that is just fine!’
 I have a favourite one, though: the Mad Hatter. With his captivating grin and a twinkle in his eyes, reminds me a bit of myself as a child, when the adults worried that I was lost in my mind.
“You think too much! Go and play instead!” they used to warn me, probably concerned by my tendency to feel life so deeply.
Truth is, I knew I WAS LIFE. Even at a very young age, I had a strong sense of being more than a child. I felt that everyone around me was so much bigger than what they appeared. The silence in between words was bliss to my ears. In the space around me, I sensed the warm embrace of a still presence.
Ahhh, what a magical days those were!
Eventually I started to believe that I wasn’t fit for this world, and I’d better toughen up. That’s when I really got lost in my mind. For a very long time.
I suffered deeply, in silence, because voicing my pain would have meant betraying the life I trusted and loved.
I knew she will come and rescue me. I knew I just had to wait and I would find my way back, sooner or later. But if I was Life herself, why did I suffer so? Why all those voices in my head? And where did I go?
And then one day, many many years later, I “heard” the silence in between my words again.

I knew I had returned home.

I felt the space between each thought becoming vaster, and I started to feel large again.
My mind was no longer a scary monster keeping me prisoner and I was free to go and live.
Recently after reading one of my older articles, someone reached out for help.
I sensed their pain, I heard the desperation in their voice. Plagued with a very negative and mean mind, they were finding living with themselves excruciating.
“How did you heal yourself?” they asked in tears.
“When I realised that we are never broken. We just fall asleep and forget that we are this very moment. Not what happens in it, but the space around it. We are the silence surrounding each word and thought.” I said, deeply grateful for being able to remember that I am not my mind.
If you are the parent of a little “thinker,” please refrain from telling them that they think too much and how bad that is.
Be a “space giver” instead, so your child can start sensing their own presence around whatever they think and say. Tell them of the little stars who could not longer see their twinkles when they landed on earth. For a little while they had to go a bit mad before they could remember that they were the entire universe.
In Grace,


Antonia Lyons

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