Dear Friend,

Time passes! Lines of all sizes start streaking our once smooth faces, little aches and pains suddenly slow us down, and one day soon we realise that youth belongs to the past.
Whose is the reflection in the mirror? Who is starring straight back at us as we no longer recognise ourselves?

My heart grew heavy as I resisted the seasons of life. I was not ready to leave the summer days and for many moons I hoped I would be spared from the endless changes our being alive brings.

“Stop Brother Time! Stop and let me enjoy the sunny days a little longer. Let the fresh breeze carry new hopes and dreams. Let me live more.” I pleaded with the “unstoppable one.” 

But Time gravely rumbled: “I pause for no one. What was left behind cannot return, the not enough will never become more.”

Those words saddened me immensely my darling friend, as I felt unwilling to accept life’s doings.

One fateful night, as the moon shone bright, I heard a soft whisper caress my face.

“Take me with you, please. Don’t leave me here. You, wise one, you have what it takes to live big. Help me grow bigger than what I always been. Give me the chance I could never take for myself.”

When our younger self regrets its missed opportunities, it tries to come along into our autumnal days, preventing us from truly enjoying the richness this new season offers us.

We must tend to it with kindness and gratitude for taking us this far, while firmly reclaiming our need to experience life in all her fullness with a slower pace.

“Where am I heading to, you cannot come dear one. But trust that all you could do for me, you did. On my own I must walk from here on and come into myself in all my wholeness. In my own time and in my own way. With me I shall take your immeasurable resilience and courage to welcome what each day brought and ask for more and more. Let it be enough, dear one. Let all your living thus far be enough. Let my hand go so I can arrive where I am meant to.”

And in the warm moonlight my younger self and I parted. The rite of passage between one life that never felt big enough into one life shyly enjoying the larger space gradually opening up all around.

May you sit in your summer days, beloved, accepting that soon they will be shorter and cooler. May you prepare for the change of season using the gifts the slow transition brings. And when looking behind with nostalgia for the sunny moments, may you let life show you the magic inhabiting your autumn days.

In Gratitude for the girl I once was,

 Antonia Lyons

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