I used to be one of those savvy readers, always on the look out for the latest self help book which would make me a better person and also teach me how to get life on my side.

When I saw how I was spending far more time in a bookstore than real life, I realised that maybe it was time I’d ditch the books and started to live.

But without someone else’s guidance or teachings I felt I had little direction.

Who was I, after all, to have ideas and opinions of my own?

One wet Monday morning while stuck in a loud traffic jam, I suddenly saw something new.

In one moment I went from needing any bit of information that would safely get me through life, to the strong feeling that everything I had seen up to that point may have not been true, after all.

I had made it all up.

“This ain’t true, right? I mean, this whole business of worrying and rushing and feeling like I’m missing out most of the time….It cannot be real, right?” – I asked myself.

Now, before you think I was hallucinating, I wasn’t.

Nothing really changed on the outside after that realisation: I just got on with my day, got lost in life’s triviality, tried to plan every other second of the rest of the year (and possibly my life!!!) and went to bed tired but grateful for such a busy day (’cause busy equals cool these days!).

But I got curios.

Thinking that maybe the way I was experiencing life had less to do with external events and more with my thinking, was enough for me to start looking in a new direction.

I slowly learnt how we all function via 3 spiritual facts, which allow us to experience life and relationships in particular.

Three Monks

Three Principles

These are laws that pre exist us and will always be at work whether we know of them or not.

A bit like the law of gravity or electricity, which still operates whether you understand how or not.

The fact of Mind points to the formless energy behind the Universe.

We are surrounded by it, immersed in it and made of it.

The very thing that allows our body to heal is what allows life on this planet.

It’s a wondrous energy which give us miracles every day and which, often, our personal mind fails to grasp.

This formless energy turns into form through the fact of Thought which is the energy that allows for creation.

Whatever thinking, ideas, opinions, judgements and so on, is what we create in our life via the principle of Thought.

Being born thinkers and having a constant energy generating activity in our mind, helps us to see how we experience life not based on external circumstances, but on our power to think.

And what we think will always appear real because of the fact of Consciousness, which is the energy to be aware of what we create through Thought.

Consciousness brings whatever we think to life, instantaneously.

The minute a thought pops up in our mind and gets our attention, our  biochemistry, physiology, emotions, and behaviour follow.

So, what do these eternal and constant laws implicate for you and I?

Understanding how Thought and Consciousness make your circumstances so real, gives you the freedom to think of life in anyway you want.

As your understanding deepens, you will find new, creative thinking which will help deal with life more effectively and gracefully.

You will become less reactive and more able to keep your bearings when challenges arise.

Does this mean your mind will stop from chatting away?


Will you only have lovely thoughts?


Will you never make mistakes and life will be like a holiday on a tropical island, sipping cocktails by the sunset?


What it means is that every time life kicks you up the butt, you’ll have enough clarity to know what to do moment by moment.

And when you don’t know yet, you will just be OK with it because you will trust your inner resilience and creativity.

There won’t be as much struggle as you probably feel now.

You will remain collected and graceful during the hard times and will appreciate that life is just like a roller coaster ride which you can enjoy heartily no matter the bumps and adrenaline.

You will also come to see how this applies to everybody else.

Yep, even to your sworn enemies.

And this will help you become more forgiving and compassionate because you will see how we all get up against our thinking and truly feel stuck more often than we know.

What a great gift, would you not agree?

We are part of something that always was and always will be.

This “something” gets shaped by our incredible gift to think and feel and suddenly we get to see before our eyes the life we create moment by moment.

And if we don’t like what we see, we then choose to entertain different thoughts and change our experience.


Because it simply makes sense to choose thoughts that feel grounding and serene rather than heavy and angry (yuk!!!)

Isn’t it humbling is that the only thing we are to do is to show up every day and have a go at this eternal game the best we can?


Antonia Lyons @ Evokinggrace

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