January is normally the time when we will ditch sugar & booze and hit the gym.

Mile after mile, session after session, we hope sweat & tears will get our bodies back on track.

What to say about New Year’s resolutions?

I think most of us have grown tired of our striving & over achieving mind-set towards life. I sense there is almost a sort of general reluctance on making long lasting commitments these days.

Still, we feel like we have to and so January is usually when most of us will come up with all sorts of ambitious intentions & promises.

“I will go carbs, sugar, alcohol free for 3 months”.

“ Running every day not matter what the weather is doing!”

“And I will be poised, calm & kind even when I have despicable thoughts about just anyone”.

This is what most of us will be thinking, and if we are not, we’ll probably feel like we are missing out.

Come the end of January though, most of us will have hit the pub more times than we’ll ever admit; we’ll probably never want to hear the word healthy diet again, and we’ll have turned those angry thoughts in proper full on rants!

Wow, what went wrong?

The 1% rule

What went wrong is called “being tired of the old game called pushing and shoving”.

While we enter a new level of consciousness, all the harshness of the 3 Dimension is melting away.

The regimented and ambitious ways that led us to success not even that far back, feel now obsolete and “heavy”.

We want to experience freedom, try new things, decide for ourselves what we like and what we don’t.

We want to slow our pace down so to feel life more.

Are New Year’s Revolution a thing of the past then?

No, not all.

It’s actually very good to have a vision of what you wish to create for yourself and the world.

But what happens when life takes over and all our grand intentions go out of the window?

When we feel tired and demotivated after a long day? When illness strikes or others around us need to be our priority for the time being?

We will apply the 1% rule!

Be Kind to Yourself

The 1% rule allows you to do what you can with what you’ve got in the moment.

Before you say that’s weak and you’ll never achieve anything like that, I’d ask you to try it out!

I have coached people from all different walks of life.

The ones who felt successful, enjoyed their experiences and were the happiest had one thing in common: they knew how to be kind to themselves.

These are people who have a plan but will also accept that life does and, always will, get in the way and will work with this.

They know how to channel their vital energy while closely working with whatever is happening around them.

My clients were so in tune with themselves and all there is, that learnt to keep their attention on their intentions moment by moment.

When you live by the 1% rule you also learn how to deeply connect with your body. You will know what to ask of it and when to let it rest.

So no matter what your resolutions for this year are, when the going gets tough just ask yourself :“What can I do right now to help things move ahead? What is the smallest step I can take towards what I want to achieve?”

When we learn what and how to give of ourselves, we’ll be gliding in & out the highs & lows of life rather than pushing and shoving our way through.

Wrapping up

  • Intentions are powerful as long as you keep your intentions on them, otherwise they are simply called “wishful thinking”
  • When life gets in the way rather than give up or push harder, work with what arises moment to moment
  • If feeling overwhelmed, don’t despair! Ask yourself instead what small step you can take towards what you want to achieve
  • This win win attitude is called “the 1% rule” and will help you glide rather than forcing your way through life



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