Antonia Lyons

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to find the secret of eternal joy & peace.

She dreamed of a life filled with laughter and ease.

She searched and searched, till one day she decided that what she looked for could not be of this world, and off she went up on the highest mountain, far away from everything she had ever known and hoping life would finally speak to hear heart.

Day & night she prayed.

Day & night she waited.

The little girl slowly grew sad.

Her heart started to miss all the fun things and the lovely people she had left down in the valley.

Then one day life arrived in the silence of her heart and spoke.

Dear Child, you were ready to walk away from your world, thinking joy & peace would await you up here.

You must return home and find bliss among your fellows.

Learn how to smile through tears, because My Child, that’s all I am.”

The little girl went back to what she had left behind, and smiled.

Everything appeared the same.

Everything had changed.

She started to write of everyday life, its struggles and challenges, and the grace & ease to be found even in the darkest of times.

Her words healed the hearts.

And in that she found happiness.

Bliss in the City is a sacred living space for you & I, who walk on the fast side of the road.

We travel life with wondering eyes, our hearts filled with excitement for such a precious adventure.

When facing sadness, we know where to look for joy.

In the midst of struggle, we know how to allow ease in.

And as we walk, our hearts grow and melt with all there is.