Nowadays we are all a bit obsessed with our mind, aren’t we?

How it works, what it does, what it doesn’t and how it often gets us into trouble.

As we try to figure it all out, we seldom remember something waaaay bigger than our small selves.

We forget of the Intelligence behind Life.

Truth is, we are way up in our heads to recognize how connected we are to this wondrous power.

We continually miss the signs of how this energy is constantly moving through us and around us.

And so we lose our bearings.

Why do we often fall?

It’s simply because we humans suffer from the so called “human condition”.

The Game of Life is nothing but a constant moving in and out of our default state of harmony and joy.

We continuously forget what we are really made of, only to remember moments later.

When we suddenly calm down and our mind is quieter, we are able to hear life whisper to us.

Why can’t we just be in a good space all the time?

I don’t know, actually.

No one does really.

It’s the great mystery of our life.

Perhaps it’s the way our “spirit self” is meant to find its way back to the Infinite Light it came from.

Maybe human life only has sense when we grow and evolve, although that often happens through challenges.

What I do know, though, is that this Eternal Wisdom is always available to us.

There is nothing more for us to do than just be present as much as we can with whatever we’ve got, whether it’s tears or laughter.

I invite you to find a quiet spot during the day where you can seat and rekindle the connection with your own light.

As we are constantly being pulled by the outside world away from our own core, it becomes hard to even believe that our infinite source of wellness and joy is always within us.

We get distracted, we lose our way among millions of thoughts and sounds.

In silence and stillness it is much easier to sense the luminous vastness we are made of.

Don’t take my word for it but do try it for yourself.

However you are feeling right now, go and be in peace, whether it’s just for a moment or an hour.  Seat with whatever is arising within you, no matter how uncomfortable that might be.

Suddenly you will sense a quiet flow moving through all those thoughts and emotions.

And the more you will drop your bundle, the quieter that movement will be.

The more your heart will open, the brighter you will be.

That is the Light within.

Antonia Lyons


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