Some journeys, you have to take  alone.

Cause’ they may take you far, although sometimes that won’t be far enough.

I grew up feeling “misplaced”.

I’d ask God why on earth he had “dumped me” in my town when there was a life waiting for me elsewhere.

And this other place always happened to be London.

Looking back now, I know my soul was calling me.

I tried my hardest to fit in, to feel at peace where I was, but since a very young age I knew I belonged to a different life.

It was a very painful awareness, for it led me to barter my beloved parents for something I wasn’t even able to describe.

It took me a long time to find words for the journey I embarked on 20 years ago, and which I had got myself ready for all of my life.

In time I have come to sense that we do not belong to a place or a person.

But to our Calling.

We belong to what Life demands of us and where She takes us

When we don’t know what that is, then we will  even be foreigners within our own heart.

Yet, responding to Life’s call is often risky and always trying.

The journey of the soul cannot be put into words, at least not human’s words.

This alone is the one thing that actually requires us to walk a path that is never straight nor smooth.


Yes, we’d meet other souls along the way, possibly find love and even settle down somewhere.

But to walk the path of the soul is to be committed to its yearning for growth.

So we’ll go where we can be forged and take with us only the one who can stand the heat, for this is an “alchemical process” more than anything.

Life is the arcane alchemist who turns us into golden wholeness if we dare enough to take her direction.

As we walk our path we then realize the journey never ends, no matter how many endings and beginnings we get to see long the way.

And you?

What do you belong to?

And where has it taken you?

Antonia Lyons




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