The journey must be honoured. Our time in life, made of infinite moments, must be held sacred and in deep respect. Each one of them carries a thousand stories. Which one do we choose? Which one do we tell? 

We often dream of faraway lands and forget that each breath takes us to an uncharted terrain, to enter with care and presence. We are discovering the unknown through our very being alive. 

As I grow older, I feel the need to slow down and pause more than ever.

Feel my surroundings as I move between moments. Often, it looks like each moment is all there is. A little life of its own, to grasp and turn into a souvenir. A special keepsake I will add to my vast collection of stories lived, shared, and yet to tell. So many of them, sometimes my heart aches at their recollection. The places I have been, and lives I have encountered, if only for one instant. Other travellers I have crossed paths with, who gave me a little something to take with me. 

“Here, have this for the journey. Keep it safe and use it whenever you need. And if you want to share it, make sure you remember that we are all heading the same way.”

We are all travelling through life taking different routes which inevitably lead us to the same destination. It’s funny, isn’t it? How do we forget this, only to remember at the end of the road, when we look back and see thousands of stories wishing to say goodbye. They cannot come with us where we are going next. They shall remain in this world, travelling in the wind and landing in places and lives we never had the chance to reach. 

Maybe this is what they mean when they say that we never die: someone, somewhere, one day will hear about the young girl who embarked on a journey that saw her bartering her goodish life for the Big Life. And how she eventually learnt that we do not belong to a place or a person. 

We can only belong to what Life demands of us: our purpose.

This is our very reason to be alive, urging us to be offered to those close and far. 

 We go wherever She takes us to share our unique calling. When we don’t know what that is, we are destined to be forever foreigner even within our own heart. 

Depression is a sign that the great talent hidden within us is yet to find its way out into the world. When it comes to light and can freely move, it takes form and becomes a stepping stone to our inner landscape. We Live Big when we journey back into ourselves over again, explore what is yet to be revealed and discover our wider self.

We are the journey that never ends.

So be it,

Antonia Lyons


Antonia Lyons

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