The intelligence behind lifeNowadays we are all a bit obsessed with our mind, aren’t we?

How it works, what it does, what it doesn’t and how it often gets us into trouble.

As we try to figure it all out, we seldom remember something waaaay bigger than our small selves.

We forget of the Intelligence behind life.

Doesn’t it sound majestic?

Every single religion points to it, yet it cannot be conceived.

Every single thing in our world and the universe points to it, yet words often fail to describe its implications.

You and I are part of it, yet we often miss it entirely.

Through the ages this infinite potential has been called many names.

Call it God, Goddess, Source, The Force, Great Nothingness, Great Mystery.

Call it however feels right to your heart!

But be assured that this formless energy is what brought you here and guides you through life whether you know or don’t.

Can we talk about Mind without sounding too simplistic or misleading?

We can try, but it’s only by paying attention to everyday life that we suddenly realize the true power of this invisible force.

Thing is, we are too busy to pay attention.

We are way up in our heads to recognize the sheer scale of this power.

We continually miss the signs of how this energy is constantly moving through us and around us.

And so we lose our bearings.

Yet, when we are in Nature, we see Mind in all its glory.

It only takes us to observe animals in their habitat to get a glimpse of how grandiose this invisible system is.

How about all the times we get incredible ideas out of nowhere?

The intelligence behind life

Think of Einstein.

He came up with an idea he didn’t have the knowledge or the experience to prove.

What he created out of nothing was so radical he had to rely on experts with more education to introduce his formula to the world.

What about the times we’ve been stuck and suddenly we were not anymore?

We’ve been trying and trying to change, only to move at the speed of a turtle.

Then whoop, we have a change of heart.

In what it’s called a “discrete moment,” our consciousness alters and we are able to accomplish the impossible.

My own husband is the living proof of this.

He had been trying to quit smoking for a while, only to realize he didn’t actually want to stop after all.

He’d alternate days when he’d slowly cut down a bit only to smoke even more the following day.

Then one morning, out the blue, bam!

He just stopped.

In one single moment, with no external help at all, he stopped smoking for good.

What happened?

He was never able to fully explain.

But one day he told me he just stopped when he could.

Not one minute before or after.

In that moment, he sensed something that no patches or electronic aids could ever make up for.

How incredible, don’t you think?

Mind is always there, silently moving us in the background and gently taking us back to our innate health when we go astray.

So one could say that illnesses and upset is how this Divine Intelligence takes us back to our home base of wellness and grace.

Illnesses are what the body uses to let us know our inner equilibrium has been altered.

Our immune system will then ensure healing will take place.

Depressions and upset feelings are what our psychological mind uses to let us know we have drifted away from our inner core.

When we see that, healing takes place and everything around us is designed to move us back to a state of homoeostasis.

Isn’t it wonderful?

At all time, there is a hand ready to catch us when we fall out of grace.

Why do we always fall then?

It’s simply because we humans suffer from the so called “human condition”.

The game of life is nothing but a constant moving in and out of our default state of harmony and joy.

We continuously forget what we are really made of, only to remember moments later.

When we suddenly calm down and our mind is quieter, we are able to hear life whisper to us.

Why can’t we just be in a good space all the time?

I don’t know, actually.

No one does really.

It’s the great mystery of our life.

What I do know, though, is that this eternal wisdom is always available to us.

There is nothing more for us to do than just be present as much as we can with whatever we’ve got, whether it’s tears or laughter.

Rumi said:

There is a power that does not use words. Listen. Click To Tweet

Listen and be amazed.

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