Recently a client told me of his heartbreak over a failed music career.

He had spent years writing lyrics and his big dream was in fact, to write for others.

He even moved overseas for a while in the hope to get his name known within the music industry.

Yet, despite his great talent and efforts, his career never took off the ground, leaving him bitter and frustrated.

He resented how easy it is for certain “wannabes” to be in the right place at the right time, despite their lack of real talent.

Most of all, he resented having to figure his life out all over again when the only thing he ever wanted was to write songs for others.

He did not care about the fame, glory, glitz and glamour of it all.

He just felt he had one gift and he wanted to share it with the world.

And the world very harshly said “no, thank you”.

My client packed his guitar away and never wrote one single note again.

Whatever career has attempted ever since has failed to make him feel alive and joyful.

Our creativity is our sacred gift to the world.

It’s how we offer our most real self to others.

And when the world has no time for us, our soul shuts down.

We feel rejected, misunderstood, insignificant.

We exposed our soul bare to others and they just turned the other way.

Whilst talking to my client, I realized this was a man ahead of his time.

His spirit so pure and sincere, he sensed that he’d never be able to play the game most people would for an hour of fame.

He just loved music and could see no point on carrying on if the world was not ready to accept his gift.

That was what killed his joyful spirit.

When we create purely for others, we lose touch with that raw joy that feeds our talent.

In packing his music away, my client deprived himself of the one thing that moved his heart.

The world has carried on just fine without his music, yet he has been unable to live a full life ever since.

When we shut our heart down and stop offering ourselves not just to the world, but to Life, that’s when our soul starts dying.

It’s not the rejection that kills us, but our inability to use what we’ve been gifted with.

We naively assume is the “bravo” we receive from others that moves us inside.

It is not.

It’s the communion with a presence much bigger than we could ever imagine and which constantly feeds us the joie de vivre.

Life gives us the ability to create more life through our many talents, almost as if She said: “Now off you go my child and show me what you can do”.

Our creativity then is not simply a way to succeed in the world, but to enrich our very existence.

Without it, life is just a tedious routine which see us withering.

I suggested my client he should go home, dust his many guitars off, and start playing for himself.

And play again.

And again.

Without an agenda, but with the certainty that his heart will forever be grateful for this.

And when our heart is happy, our whole life is too…no matter what!

If you, like my client, put your dreams in a drawer and threw the key away, I invite you to go and find that key again.

And you do that for yourself, cause despite a world that is way too busy to care, you my friend, deserve to share the many gifts you came in this life with!

Antonia Lyons

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