Baby Chaeyoon Kim – Infinite Grace

One day, long before lizards were still fish and dinosaurs realised meteorites were not just shooting stars, the “Intelligence” that gave birth to all galaxies, planets and millions of universes, decided it was time to start an experiment.

It grouped together a couple of “little souls” and told them of this great planet somewhere down a bright galaxy called the “Milky Way”.

It was the perfect place to go and have fun together.

They would be called “Human Beings” and they would get to play a new game called “Life.

The little souls were very excited.

They all wanted to go to the new planet within the Orion Arm.

They usually shone within the vast darkness, their light coming from an infinite well of joy and grace but that day they shone even brighter.

Oh weren’t they lovely, merry little souls!

The all volunteered to be part of the “human beans” (as they called it) and were ready to go and play when the Divine Intelligence gave them the rules of this new game.

“Before you go my Dear ones, know that I shall be with you all the way. Always look up to the sky and feel me in your heart.

The planet that will welcome you is called Maya but it’ll come to be known as “Earth.”

It is made of the same infinite divine spark that you all are.

Maya will nurture you and sustain you, yet one day soon it will no longer play with you.

You will forget the eternal love and joy you are and you will spend your time on Maya trying to remember.

As you remember you will get points called “freedom”.

The more freedom points you have, the easier Life will be.

And as you help others to remember the light they are, you will gain even more points.

When you have loads of points your heart will feel really big and your life will feel very nice.”

The little souls were super excited and they could barely wait to shoot themselves down.

Baby Chaeyoon KimBaby Chaeyoon Kim – Infinite Grace

“Hold it now, Dear ones.

Hold it.

One thing you ought to know before you go.

I will give you the power to think and feel so that you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

You will create loads and loads and loads of things called “thoughts” which will just appear from nowhere all the time.

Don’t you be scared little ones!

Thoughts are not meant to be scary, but if you hold on to them they will weigh you down and the game will start to become harder to play.

Then you won’t be able to remember the joy that you are.

So always “puff thoughts away”.

Nice ones and bad ones the same.

Let those thoughts go and always make space for new ones.”

The little souls all looked a bit confused.

Scratching their tiny heads, they were wondering if they could skip the “thought bit” and just focus on remembering their light and win “free” points.

The Divine sparkle carried on:

“Thoughts will either be your sworn enemies or your best allies to become freer. When Life suddenly makes you feel less happy, you will know your thoughts are telling you to send them back to the infinite universe, to become love again.”

A chorus of admiration for such a well thought game arose among the joyful little souls.

Vibrating with ease & grace, they were now ready to start their magnificent adventure.

“Excuse me Divine Intelligence. Excuse me, but…who wins the game?” a daring little soul asked.

The Infinite Wisdom behind all things looked at its tiny companions and smiled.

“You all will, little souls, you all will win. And when you do, you shall come back to me and be part of what always was and always will be.”

The little souls giggled with excitement and one by one shot off to start life on Earth.

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