This is the story about a boy called “Can’t Forget.”

Pay attention, for this is your story too.

This is the story of the world.

“Once upon a time, in the land of “Love”, the local people happily and respectfully worked together although they all differed from one another.

Not one person was the same , yet the “Lovers” thrived in their uniqueness.

They admired the qualities they saw in one another and felt great joy in creating a beautiful life for themselves and those who came to visit.

Oh  “Love Land” was a happy place indeed,  and one could be whatever they wished to be for there was no limit to what they could achieve.

One day, something changed.

The air no longer felt fresh and promising of new things to come.

The sky started to look darker and filled with big, thick clouds which hid the sun away.

The birds stopped to sing and it all around silence grew.

The “Lovers” were so enamored with their life that didn’t see at first what was happening.

They thought the birds and the sun were taking a well deserved break and they didn’t mind the clouds after all.

It was nice to experience something different once in a while.

Oh lovely little “Lovers”, so pure in their mind and not a bad bone in their body.

But those clouds turned thicker and darker, and soon enough nothing could be seen.

All the amazing wonders the land was filled with could no longer be admired and enjoyed.

People from other kingdoms stopped visiting for this had become a very sad and unsafe place.

One day the “Lovers” decided it was time to go and talk to the wise man.

He lived on his own, away from everybody else.

His days were filled with stillness and silence, which allowed him to see what others couldn’t.

“Wise man, we honor & respect you. We are here today because life no longer feels happy in our land.

There is not singing in the sky, no visitors come by and the sun has not been seen in many months now!

Tell us what we should do.”

The old man spoke: “Resentment & sorrow have grown among you. A boy goes by the name of “Can’t Forget”, and he feels his talent & skills were no appreciated enough in the land.

He has been here with me since leaving unnoticed many moons ago.

His bitterness grows stronger by the day, for his words only carry the sound of hate.”

The “Lovers” were very sad and wanted to make amends, although they weren’t really sure of how they came to hurt this boy.

You see, in “Love Land” people never held a grudge and every squabble was quickly left behind.

That’s why they were so happy all the time.

It was hard for them to imagine how anyone could stay upset for that long, but they couldn’t have one of their own in so much pain.

So they summoned “Can’t Forget” and the wise man spoke.

“Dear Boy, your heart is heavy with anger.

Although no one knows how that came to be, they are all here to listen and offer you their love.

Tell Mother Moon of what has kept you awake all these nights, share your pain with her.

With us all.

Then throw it in the hot flames so it can be released.”

The boy stood sternly next to the fire.

“Wise man, my sorrow is great and I will speak of it until every man in the land feels the injustice I suffered.”

The old man frowned and very gravely said: ” If you choose not to forgive, your children will not forgive.

The future generations will carry the same burden that weighs upon you today.

You will live a long life and yet your words will disperse in the wind.

No one will remember of your hate.

It will have been for nothing.

Your future will be the same as your past because of your unforgiving heart.”

Heal The Past

I don’t know how the story ends.

I guess it could end in many ways.

Yet, in all of us there is a small “Can’t Forget” unable to let go of his story.

It surfaces when the wound that we never healed starts speaking to us again.

It speaks of pain & betrayal, its words just like  the hypnotic song of the Sirens.

We all live under the same spell.

Until we break it, our future will just be a replica of our past.

It could be prettier, it could be uglier.

But it will always be the same old story.

Share your story with Mother Moon Today.

Tell her of your tears and fears.

Shout your pain out & then throw it in the fire.

Help the World heal its past so it can write of a new future.

And so it is,

Antonia Lyons





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