Little Princess Chaeyoon

Little Princess Chaeyoon


Princess Chaeyoon slept soundly, unaware of the commotion happening outside the palace.  

Lately the village had been on high alert. Whenever the sun went down, a white mist descended onto the houses from the mountain overlooking the valley. Thick & fluffy, it silently moved through the ancient alleys, although some people sworn, they could hear it talk. 

Princess Chaeyoon  had seen how the white mist never came anywhere near the royal palace. Travelling across the night air, it hovered around the thick walls and then simply shrank back, making its way down to the fast asleep village instead. 

“Master, it appears to me that these big clouds are the messengers of a secret awaiting to be revealed.” The little child had pensively suggested to the wise man. 

“Clever girl. There is a dark danger shadowing our valley. But strong we must remain, if we are to see through this long night.” The master had tucked the child to bed and retrieved to his chambers, when a blood- curdling scream could be heard down the corridor. 

“Please guards come at once. All children in the village have disappeared. Hurry now.” 

All the habitants were gathered outside the doors of the palace, waiting to be seen by the king. Sitting on his throne, he quickly sent for the princess. His only daughter, she had been blessed with a wisdom quite uncommon among children of her age.

Kind and proud, she was already very popular both at court and in the village, and one day soon she will make a grand queen.

 “Chaeyoon my child. Wake up, destiny awaits you.” 

The master softly whispered to the princess, feeling bad for waking her from her sweet dreams.

The servants gently dressed her, and still half asleep Chaeyoon made her way to the big hall where all the villagers were standing in silence around the king.

“My darling child, our arch- enemy, the spirit of the mountain, has gotten hold of our children. The prophecy has it, that the day would come when a white mist would take our little people to a place where they would forget themselves. They would grow to doubt themselves and believe the lie that has been told since time began. The spirit of the mountain keeps all the children small, feeding off their torment and tears. This way the mountain stays big, looking down to all the little lives that never get to grow. Only the child with royal blood can defeat the malevolent spirit and claim the lives of her companions. You came to fulfil the prophecy. You are the one who can “un-tell” the lie.” 

“Dear Father, I thank you for your trust but how can I be expected to stand up to the mountain? I am only small and still has so much growing to do” 

“My child, you were quick to note that the white mist never passed through our walls. Your pride and dignity, kept it away. It has no power over those who can stand tall by just being in the world. Go now, my brave princess and guide those children back to their own home.” 

These last words got the child very curios, but there was not time to dwell. Instead, very quickly the princess and her master mounted their horses and, along with their loyal servants, set on their journey.  

It was particularly dark all around: tonight, even the stars had decided to go and hide.  

The road ahead was bumpy and unwelcoming. The air felt more sinister as the royal party got closer to the foot of the mountain.

“We are being followed my princess.” One of the guards worryingly said.  

The white mist after swiftly moving behind the horses, now spread all around and encircled Chaeyoon and her man. 

“You came child. Brave, brave of you. You came, and yet you shall never leave.”

The spirit of the mountain’s voice sounded far and yet scarily close.

In the distance all the village kids were crammed in a cage, without making a sound. An unabashed silence hovered all around.

“Damn you evil spirit, you took the kids’ voice away!” The master angrily shouted at the mountain.

“Princess, you are the only one who can set everybody free.” The old man helped the child off her horse, and running towards the children, she saw how imposing the majestic mountain looked.

 She knew then that not her courage or anyone else’s, will ever move it out of the way. 

It was too big. A new path had to be forged, which everybody could believe in. 

To her dismay the princess saw that the kids’ own spirits were floating in the air, inside the cage.

“Princess, the children have believed the ancient lie and sacrificed their own voices. They no longer believe they deserve to be heard.” The master screamed in horror.

He had told her once that our soul has no home where trust has been broken and joy is missing. It will endlessly roam the earth, waiting to be called back.

Chaeyoon remembered how her grandmother would invite her to dance together whenever she felt sad.

“Dance my girl. Dance your tears away. Call your joy back home. Tell her it is safe to be here with you. Tell your body to welcome all its lost children back into its loving arms.”

Her dad’s words, earlier on that day, also came back to mind:

” Bring the children back to their own home, my child.”

The princess fiercely marched towards the mountain. Now standing alone, she slowly shook her body. First her wrists, then her feet. Her head bounced back and forth, her arms started to swing wide. Moving to the rhythm of her own heart beat,  Chaeyoon danced in the open space unafraid and proud.

“Children the evil spirit of the mountain wanted to keep you small, so it could grow meaner and meaner But each one of you owns their own land. You are all kings and queens here, in your body. Dance with me friends. Call you your essence back home. Dance on its song. Can you hear it?”

The Princess invited the children to follow her.

One by one, they all started to move along. At first a bit shy, soon every child was laughing and dancing joyfully.

Slowly all the little souls descended back into their home, and a sweet music could be heard echoing all around.

Even the master and the servants joined in the happy dance, relieved to see everybody safe.

“Evil spirit your mountain is big and the lie you tell grave. Forever, you have made the people of the world believe that they had to work hard to be better, bigger, and richer. More of what they were, for that was never going to be enough. But the harder they tried, the fickler their voice became because they grew afraid and lost their joy. Soon, you imprisoned them all and took them away from their own home. But tonight, evil spirit, they return. Tonight, they dance their way back home because it is their divine birth right. They never came to be small. They all came to be kings and queens of their own land.”

Chaeyoon defiantly looked at the mountain, while everybody joyfully cheered and jumped in the air. Slowly, they all started to dance away, as the moon and the stars finally lit the sky bright. Every step they took, forged a new path, away from the untrue story and towards one they could all believe in. The story that tells of the many angels who landed on this earth to play music and dance.

So be it,

Antonia Lyons




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