Every little soul upon their departure for planet Earth, is summoned by the mighty Elohim, the “Intelligence” that gave birth to all galaxies, planets and millions of universes. 

Small and incredibly luminous, they stand in the presence of the Creator before they set upon their adventure. 

“Well, little flame the time has finally come. You, courageous explorer, have our deep gratitude and admiration.” 

Excited by Elohim’s recognition, the tiny light starts dancing in joy. “Now, now little one, settle down or you shall get even smaller. There are a few things you ought to know before joining your fellow lights down there on Earth. You will be escorted all the way by two loyal companions. They shall never leave your side. One will carry you down, while the other will lift you back up to me. For I Am Elohim, Father of all that exists.” 

“Ohhhhhh” the little flame looks up to the creator in awe, curious to know more. 

“The hand of Life starts your journey, gently moving you across the unlimited vastness until you make it to the blue planet. The hand of Death will fly you up here, light and steady, back into my eternal embrace when it is our time to reunite. The two are one and the same, and never part. Stay with them little one, don’t ever lose sight of your holy sisters. They volunteer, out of the kindness of their immense heart, to hold all our bright explorers through their adventure sheltered from the harsh weather they shall encounter time and time again. “  

Puzzled and a bit unsure, the little soul moves closer to their father and timidly whispers:” Oh Mighty One, I hear that often they get terrible storms down there!”

“What if my light goes out? What if I cannot see in the dark?” 

“Impossible, my child, for you are The I AM. Eternal flame of Perpetual Grace. When you feel far from my love and the world looks dim, send for the spirits of Life & Death. Call them forth and speak to them with courage and conviction, asking them for assistance and to remove what stands in the way of your brightness. Whenever you feel your flame has gotten too small, the hand of Life will delicately make space around you, while the hand of Death will gently dissolve what obstructs your undying light. To give, but to also take away is what your generous sisters will help you with during your time on Earth, time and time again. Give life to what you wish to experience and take away what stops you from remembering that you are one with all that there is.” 

The little soul gave their father a gentle kiss and looking at him feeling very brave, exclaimed: “I am ready. I AM That I AM. Eternal Flame of Perpetual Grace.” 

And off they go. The little soul nicely tucked in onto Life’s palm, with her sister Death quietly following behind. 

“Have fun my child and see you in just a breath of time.” the Almighty God proudly bids them farewell. 

Antonia Lyons

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