One day Elohim summoned all his angels on one of the many stars surrounding the “great ball of fire.” After reports that his children kept on losing their wings became too frequent, he decided that it was about time he taught them a lesson.
They came from all corners of the universe, excited to be in the presence of their Father again, even though they always felt a bit too hot and weary when “brother sun” was that close.
“My children, what a joy to have you all here with me again. Thank you for making your way through all there is so quickly. I have exciting news for you: we are going on an adventure. Well, you are. Not me. Only you.”
“Ohhhhh,” the angels exclaimed surprised.
“I need some brave volunteers who are happy to fly down that sad little place called Earth and make it a bit prettier. Now, I know you don’t like your big brother Sun much. He is a bit annoying, I know. All those big flares and winds, your brother has always been too hot headed even for my liking. But it will help you settle down there and when it’s time to come home, it will show you the way back.”
“Ahhhhh.” the angels sighed puzzled.
“There is only one tiny, little thing. Minuscule, really. The moment you land, you will no longer see your wings and you will forget that you can fly. Look up to the sky my children, always. Look for your brother, and in time you will remember again.”
The angels looked at one another a bit confused, but they loved Elohim so much they all decided to fly down to Earth together, and a make a little stop over to see brother sun on the way. They always found him a bit overpowering, but Father said to trust him so they decide to pop over and say hi.
“Oh you are all here, little ones. I have been expecting you. You are brave to come this close and then fly down that crappy thing of a planet. What’s it called again?”
“Earth!” the angels sang in chorus.
“Ah yes, that’s right. Earth. Ok, here is the deal little ones: when you arrive there, things may get a bit….erm...rough. Yes, rough. Do not be scared, you will never be alone. I will watch over you, always. The day will come though, when life there will become too small for you. You will feel trapped and you will want to fly away. Look up for me, angels and you will remember your wings again. Now go. Go on, little ones. Go and don’t come back too soon. Miss you already! Go, go…” the sun blew so strongly over his siblings, they fell down the sky onto the barren soil of the deserted Earth within nano seconds.
When the angels opened their eyes all they saw was a very big land opening up in front of them with very big monsters running around.
They did not like there, but they could not remember which way they came.
So they all started to walk hoping to find somewhere safe before the scary monsters ate them alive. They soon lost their way, and some of them ended up very far from the others.
“Father, why did you send the children down to Earth? They are not fit for such an hostile planet and I worry you may have been too hard on them this time! They will never make it back” the sun sadly asked Elohim.
“Oh they will, my son. They will. As they landed, they left a trail of starry dust behind them, forming what they will soon name sun’s rays. On Earth, they will learn through great difficulties that they are the many from the One. And they will never forget their wings again.” Elohim proudly said, pleased with himself for such a genius masterplan.
Beloved friend, here is how life on earth came to be and how you and I, the fallen angels, are slowly remembering and reminding one another that we once had wings. As the sun always shines down on us, we sense a warmth that feels like home and we know we are never alone.

Antonia Lyons

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