Sometimes You’ve Got To Lose It All To Find It All!

<span class="entry-title-primary">Sometimes You’ve Got To Lose It All</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">To Find It All!</span>

We’ve all been losing something lately.

Loved ones, the comfort of our routines, the security of our jobs.

Most people have actually been feeling as they are losing their mind.

Perhaps that’s the scariest one: to lose one’s mind.

We so much identify with whatever is up in our heads, that it’s just damn hard to believe there is more than what we see and believe.

The outside world may not be at war, but surely the pandemic has caused our inner world to crumble down.

The fears that have accompanied us all our lives, are suddenly all hunting us and there is nowhere to run.

So it feels like we are losing our marbles.

Isn’t it funny how those who came before us went through wars and devastation, and yet they could never let go?

Let go of what?

Of themselves!

This is what’s happening right now: we are letting go of whatever we thought we were.

Our beliefs, our choices, God, prayers, diets, even fears: they are all going.

We are being left we nothing, and our mind can’t handle that.

So it’d rather switch off.

Back in the day, people just got on with the many hardships constantly coming their way.

Stiff upper lip, they’d call it.

They didn’t know they could let go, they were not allowed.

So something extremely beautiful and essential is happening to you & I right now: we are allowing a new way to emerge.

It’s going to take a while, but your life will soon feel very different.

More flowing, gracious, easy.

But first you have to be willing to lose it all.

Everything that kept you awake at night, and still does.

All the demons you thought you had sent away, but were just hiding under your bed.

All the beliefs you thought were yours but never ever felt good.

They came from the world, from your family, from those who were here before your time.

They have become like a tight jacket you just overgrew in, and you know it has to come off.

These beliefs often make you feel responsible for those around you.

You worry that should you change, your loved ones will suffer and the world will turn its back on you.

Truth is, with or without you, they will all carry on.

Life will never stop ’cause one of her own has suddenly decided they’ve had enough.

 This is the time to really allow yourself to just lose your mind.

Lose it knowing that the real you will find its way back over and over again.

‘Cause whatever you think your mind is, it’s just been telling you lies to keep you safe and have you fit in.

Your mind makes up stories so the world can like you and then keep you prisoner.

I invite you today to breathe with me.

Every in breath is an invite to let go a bit of your fear to stand alone.

Every out breath is an invite to trust into the nothingness around you.

Feel the nothing, and breathe.


Deep into you.

Breathe down, down into you.

Breathe & know that you lost everything you had so you could find everything that you are. Click To Tweet

Antonia Lyons



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