Little Princess Chaeyoon


Back at the start of this year, I strongly sensed that 2022 would demand us all to write a new story . Little did I know then that ten months on, we would hardly have made it as far as the title.

We are probably still on the same page wondering why some of our words sound a bit false and a tad ambiguous.

Some stories take time to write. We often are to start from scratch over again until we can really tell the world our authentic truth, rather than some recycled idea picked up somewhere along the way.

In daring to live a bigger life and tell a bigger tale, we seldom question if we are at all ready. We long to re write our story, and yet we go on describing what feels familiar, although we may call it different names.

How many times do we set ourselves off to go and see the world? A bigger world than the one we normally grow to inhabit and get accustomed to. We think we are ready to see it all, only to realize that we only make it as far we are truly willing to see.

The Princess with the wooden trunk and tight boots

“Little Princess Chayoon arrived unexpectedly at the Master’s Chambers.

Her loyal servants had been dragging the heavy wooden storage case containing only a few of her belongings all around the castle. How could such a small person posses already so much?

She was leaving. And although she had made several attempts before, this time she was leaving for good. She was taking with her only what she really needed. Along with a couple of extra things she never really liked but she could not possibly part from. Some things are never easy to leave behind, especially the ugly toys no one else will care for. So we keep them with us and drag them along, even when we are tired and have no more space, because some things just become us.

“Master, I have come to say goodbye,” the tiny princess announced.

“I am leaving Master, and you will not see me again,” Chayoon solemnly declared, waiting for the old man to acknowledge her. He, however, carried on stirring a big pot of stew bubbling up on the fire. Sitting on the floor facing away from the princess, he was unconcerned by her announcement. He was rather focused instead, on preparing a hearty meal that would feed old and young alike. The inviting smell filled the room, and was making the Master’s uninvited guest hungry.

Nevertheless Little Chayoon was annoyed by such a dismissive reception. She decided that she did not really need the rude old man’s blessings after all and was not going to stay for dinner. She had a train to catch and a world to explore, and nothing was going to stop her.

Nothing! Not even the fact that her loyal servants had conveniently disappeared, leaving her to drag the big wooden case all by herself.

But she did not mind, as she was a resilient clever child indeed. One step at a time, pushing and puffing, the tiny princess made it all the way to the main doors, only to realize that she was too small to open them. Besides, her feet had started to ache and that trunk suddenly looked way too big to make it all the way with her.

What now? Chayoon was getting impatient and demanded to be let out at once.

“Master open these doors now. I command you old man to stop ignoring me or I will have you beheaded. The world is waiting for me and soon I shall have a thousand incredible stories to tell. Let me out old fool, you are not the Master of me.”

While shouting and fidgeting, the princess had not seen that the old man was standing right in front of her in fact. He was rather small himself and easily to miss, in all fairness.

“Have some soup child. Your shoes are small and your trunk heavy. No journey can be started in pain and no story can be told when the stomach is empty,” the old and wise sage sternly uttered while handing Chayoon a small bowl of fragrant food.

“But there is a world out there, Master!” the princess sadly muttered.

“Then you’d better change your shoes, empty your trunk, and feed yourself well my darling girl. The world will always be waiting for those who travel light.”

The little princess and the old Master ate the special soup in silence. She then took her tight boots off, opened her trunk and decided that no person should ever posses that much stuff, especially a small one like herself!

This time she was truly ready to go, but only if the old man went along too.

And indeed he accepted the invite, but only if he could store his famous soup in the wooden case. The journey will offer plenty of rainy days, when every little extra comfort would surely help.

“What’s in the soup, Master?” Chayoon inquisitively asked.

“A pinch or two of solitude, a bit of silence, a dash of laughter, and loads of acceptance,” the man happily sang.

Off the two went, only to return many years later with the greatest story ever told.”

It is easier to think that the same old shoes will take us far rather then stepping into the largeness that our soul expects from us.

We “live bigger” when we empty ourselves of what had its time to be told.

We tell a bigger story when when we retrieve into our inward solitude and feed on the nourishing wisdom of our inner master. Away if only for a breath from the outwardly distractions , we hear the words that are worth sharing. The words which will sing to those who only knew their small worlds and tight shoes, so they can dream again.

In Grace,

Antonia Lyons

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