May you release the weight you carry along.

When life feels heavy and your mind tired, ask yourself: “What have I not let go of yet?”

There is a silence that is claiming you right now: one that you resist and try and run from.

It is a silence that speaks the language of your soul but still feels very foreign.

It brings messages of greater wisdom, clarity, and love which allow you to gracefully flow.

When you can “feel” its sacred words, life feels light again. No longer a burdensome ordeal, but simply a journey filled with everything you need to prosper and grow in all that you are.

To converse with your soul, you must be ready to release any little bit of your old self.

All the stories you have written along the way and which came to an end.

Everything that still gets your mind doubting and worrying.

Nothing that feels heavy can be carried into such an intimate space.

When your soul summons you, you must show up with no extra weight on.

Only the bare essentials is allowed so that you can truly fly.

So be it,

Antonia Lyons

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