Words inspire the heart.

They can move us, upset us, encourage us, and make us fall in love all over again.

They are so powerful they dictate the quality of all our relationships.

Yet, words are often the very thing we get wrong whenever we deal with others.

Which is every day.

If you pay any attention to what you hear during the day, you will soon notice how most of what we say stems from limitation rather than abundance.

And by that I mean how what we say often underlines a sense of “not enoughness”.

When we feel that we lack in some areas of our life our words will always express that.

Truthfully, it’s not entirely our fault.

It’s the way of the World.

It’s how things have always been, since the beginning of time.

None of us learnt at school what words really are, what they hide and what they offer.

We are taught to be smart at school, not to be gracious and wise.

And yet, it’s only when one can offer their words with grace and wisdom that they will be able to enrich any conversation.

That way, they will always make a difference as they relate with the rest of the world.

Mostly they will actually be able to relate to themselves first, with dignity and respect.

In all fairness, this is not something we are accustomed to.

Whenever I point out to my clients that perhaps they way they speak to themselves need a bit of tweaking, they all struggle at first.

“Why wouldn’t I want to speak to myself in any other way?” – they always ask to begin with.

To which I always say the same : “I bet you don’t speak that way to your dog or your best friend!”

True, isn’t it?

It’s often easier for us to offer words of love and beauty to our pets or distressed friend than to ourselves.

But as I always point out, the words you’ll choose for yourself will eventually be the words you’ll always use for the world.

Even when you think you are being nice, you’ll still be coming from a place of “not enoughness”.

I sense this new decade will see a big shift in how we all relate to one another.

Right now it seems to me that most people are offended very easily these days.

Perhaps they have unconsciously developed a rejection for the harsh ways the world has been expressing itself for so long.

Or perhaps they simply like to moan.

And yet, even that “feeling offended” is for me a sense of limitation.

We hold others responsible for their bad choice of words, when we are simply reacting to what those words actually trigger in us.

And in the rest of the world.

I honestly believe that rather than getting all upset and frustrated with one another with what is being said these days, we should actually learn what words really are first.

‘Cause when we don’t see that words are energy, then we can’t see why we often don’t communicate with others in a productive and effective way.

Energy speaks.

Whether it’s through an email, over the phone, in an article, or on TV the words we choose always reflects how we are feeling inside.

When we come to appreciate this one simple truth and the importance of it, then the way we speak will be very different.

We’ll always be moved to use words which are empowering and that feel good, no matter the circumstances.

Our words are powerful and are to be offered with respect and dignity.

What words do you choose to speak?

How do they sound?


Start paying attention to them and soon enough you will see how different your heart will be feeling.

Antonia Lyons



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