Alien Thinking

While on a mission on Planet Earth, 2 Martians are busy watching the human race and their way of life. One of them has been back & forth many lifetimes but the other is still very young and this is his very first mission.

“What do these human beings do all day long?” the little one asks his Chief.

“They’d say they create experiences” he responds.

“They do?”

“Oh yeah. They create experiences. They do that all day long!” You can tell the chief is some sort of an expert on the game of life.

“What about at night? They don’t do that at night?”

“Oh yeah they create experiences through their dreams.”

“Wow, their dreams?” The young Martian is very impressed with these strange looking humans.

“Yes their dreams are night thinking brought to life. It looks real. Sometimes they even wake up because their dreams look so real”

“Oh it sounds really intense! Do they take a break from it? Are they allowed to go on vacation from it? Can we help them somehow?” The little Martian is getting agitated now.

“No we can’t because humans were designed to be “experience-creating machines” and thinking is what they are meant to do all day long. Sometimes their thinking is fast and furious, other times it’s slower but it could never be managed. It just comes to mind”

“Well it just sounds like this experience creating business is a horrible plight to the human race! It’s so sad and it makes me feel so tired just thinking about it” the little one protests.

“Well well settle down now little one, it’s not as bad as it looks. Human thinking can either be a gift or a plight. It depends on how humans can think of thought as a gift and consciousness as a gift, allowing them to have a life and understand what’s behind life” the Chief expertly says.

“Oh Chief it sounds very nice and empowering, I just hope humans realize how lucky they are”

“Not yet, but one day they will. Come now, it’s time for us to go, this thinking business had made me miss home!”

I wanted to tell this story not so much because I’m into alien life (I still think one of my neighbors may be one of them though!!), but rather because I find amusing some of my clients really seem on a mission to stop their thinking all together.

And there is always an awkward moment of silence when I announce to them they will never be able to.

Well, only when they are dead.

They almost refuse to believe that nothing can be done to stop this constant flow of images & sounds going around in our heads.

So they are always a bit taken aback when I explain that we humans were gifted with the ability to breathe and to think, and that’s all there is.

Alien Thinking

What makes this even more compelling is that we feel our thinking, we experience our thoughts through our senses.

So even when we don’t know we are thinking we are actually feeling our thoughts moment to moment.

Therefore the moment people realize that there isn’t anything in our experience that isn’t thinking and there isn’t anything in the thinking that isn’t our experience, they have a change of heart about life. And when they can see that, they also start seeing that thinking & feeling always go together, they can never be separated and that is a constant in our life.

Feelings come from our thinking about what’s happening to us and this incredible system was designed to let us know when we’ve gone “offline” and our thoughts are not doing us any good.

This way we constantly evolve.

If you are wondering how to improve the quality of your life, start from within. Start noticing how your thinking goes with your feelings, the resistance you have to let thinking come to your mind, the feelings your heart enjoys more.

Can you see how more detached you suddenly are from whatever is happening out there?

And can you see how suddenly the noise in your head isn’t that loud anymore?


Welcome into my world

Welcome into my world

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