As we look for a deeper connection with our soul self, our attempts are not always brought into daily life and remain, instead, beautiful words and abstract concepts. 

We seldom realize that Spirit is always present. This has very little to do with how many spiritual retreats we attend or how good we get at manifesting. When we are new to leading a soul – full life, we devour self-help books and perform rituals in the hope of gaining a little control over this, very often, uncontrollable life. As I listened to my friends’ enthusiastic sharing on their spiritual adventures, I could not help but feeling that what we learn often stays  on our yoga mat or on the pages we read.

I no longer attend retreats, feel the need to have a spiritual routine, or follow any teacher.

A few years back my vast collection of books on self-growth, the crystals adorning my home, and the money spent on my search, started to feel very remote from reality. I sensed that unless I brought everything together, I would have carried on living in two separate worlds, which would always collide. 

My daily life became my spiritual practice. Every single person I encountered from then on became a new teacher. Every experience turned into the opportunity to grow into a bigger me and live a larger life. I started to sense the presence of my soul more and more, until one day I saw how sacred & profane always go hand in hand. 

I live a bigger life when I am present in both her messiness and her peace.

When I show up regardless of the painful or joyful times. I accept that I may not always know why things turn out the way they do, and no amount of active manifesting may change what I don’t like or bring more of what I wish. And it is OK, as I learn that my humanness could never be in the way of my soul. Slowly I offer myself compassion for all the times I feel constricted by limitations  and for the fear that it is still alive in me. For it is not fear that will ever keep me small, but the resistance to accept my soul’s invitation to open a little more. To keep going even when I don’t know what awaits me. To stop and rest when everything in me begs me to move because the pain I feel may crash me. 

I parted from my friends remembering that no matter how far into our spiritual journey we are, the only thing yet to see is that we have already arrived. And we keep on travelling because, deep in our core, we are angelic explorers. As I witness the unfolding of their personal stories, I wish for them both to see their bigness even when everything around appears to have irredeemably shrunk. So delightfully extraordinary they are in their imperfection and fragility. 

Beloved Friend, may you bring presence to what arises within your world trusting that your divine self dwells in the contrasts same as the harmony. May the limitations of human existence be the teacher that helps you grow. And when you feel small and unsure, may you remember that you keep this world alight by just being in it.

 Antonia Lyons

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