Mother’s Day offers the opportunity to remember the many women I have met in my life. Incredible, incredible women. Most of them carried a great deal of pain, which they never seemed to be able to shake off. It followed them around, like a loyal companion, showing through their sad eyes, the harsh tone of their voices, the often-incomprehensible behaviour.  

This is the kind of pain born in the mist of time and which makes home within the heart of certain families. Generation after generation, their women are destined to carry the same grief and exhaustion. They were real tired, those I met. No one seemed to understand why, and to the eye of the world these women were just a tad dramatic and a bit mad, perhaps. 

They were not. They were simply overwhelmed by a life which often appeared to be unforgiving and unjust. Every day was a battle to fight, and they did what they could to survive an invisible enemy: le mal de vivre. Unable to find time to go within and connect to their own essence, they never knew how bright they shone. Lost in their grief and need to “get through the day,” they could not see how their light pierced through the ancient pain. 

I watched them trying to make life a little better. A little more bearable.

I saw them crying and cursing a God often nowhere to be seen. They kept on going nevertheless, my women. And I wish sometimes I could go back and hold their hands. Tell them that they were loved and what they offered was plenty. Hold them tight and remind them of the beautiful gift we all carry inside, which is stronger than any undying pain. 

We all have a Divine Mother within, who offers us sanctuary & unconditional love regardless of our choices and past. Her embrace soothes our aching heart while her soft kiss dries our heavy tears. 

When we acknowledge her presence and trust her guidance, we feel safe to venture into life. To grow, take risks, and make room for pleasure and joy.

With Divine Mother by our side, we are open to live a full and authentic life. 

When the world seems a scary place and we feel frightened and insecure, we can fall onto our own wisdom. Our inner ability to mother ourselves. 

Strong hands will catch us and hold us tight. 

They will nurture us and make our wings strong so we can take flight and carry others with us whenever we let them sustain us.

Dear Friend, if you also feel the burden of living at times, call for Mother Grace. 

Speak to her, with conviction and your heart wide open:

“Divine Mother, eternal fount of grace & wisdom, who loves me unconditionally, walked this earth before my time & knows of the tribulations of being human, please help me to trust myself & life. I am scared that I will never be enough for this world. Walk with me & guide me back to all that I AM. .” 

Place your hands onto your heart and imagine you are in a very tranquil and safe space. 

Feel the presence of your own wisdom, while letting any resistance melt away. 

Breathe. Be with you. Be in Grace. 


 Antonia Lyons

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