Moods are like elevators

Our state of mind constantly fluctuates throughout the day.

Whether we are having a fabulous day or a hellish one, our mood is very likely to change.

That in itself can be a gift or a limit, depending on what we decide to do about the fact that we will experience different moods all the time.

I like to describe our states of mind like being in an elevator.

When in a low mood, our little “internal elevator” will take us then to the subbasement.

There everything will appear dark and not welcoming at all. Our vision of life is likely to be quite blurry in the lower floors and we may not be able to really see things as they are.

On the first floor we may experience anger and resentment, and then pessimism and frustration moving up a couple of floors.

We will go through all sorts of feelings as we approach each floor, and then suddenly will start feeling chirpy again.

On the higher floors, we’ll be in very good form. Life will feel easy and we’ll be well disposed towards others (even those who jump up in front of us in a queue!). Our mind will be clear and allow us to make the right choices.

Being on the top floor will be just like being on top of the world. From that latitude, life will flow and everything will just fall into place.

Naturally we’ll either tend to camp on each floor or skip the very low ones in order to be “on a high” as long as possible.

If we park on each floor we end up believing that what we see is real and that circumstances determine how we feel.

On the basement or ground floor we will consider everybody and everything responsible for our misfortunes. We’ll get very self absorbed and it’ll be hard to imagine that there are other states of mind to experience, same as other floors to visit.

Moods are like elevators

Camping on the top floor is also a way to manoeuvre things, as we hope never to experience lows again.

Truth is like elevators, our moods do go up and down.

It’s in our nature.

We get truly stuck though when we attempt to mess around with this simple truth.

So what to do if we have just left the attic and are heading back down to the first floor?

Not much really.

Just be graceful to yourself as you realise that you are not feeling your best and most of all, don’t give in to the temptation to make big changes or think much of whatever you are feeling.

When we are feeling down and we don’t know how the system really works, we’ll want to change what we think is upsetting us.

That would really make sense if the world worked from the “outside in”.

But since the system only works from the “inside out”, it’s only when our thoughts and feeling change that we have a different experience.

And thoughts will always change if we leave them alone!


Wrapping it up:

  • We constantly experience different thoughts, feelings and moods, it’s called “being Human
  • Moods go up & down just like an elevator
  • We get stuck on different floors/moods when we try & fix how we feel, without letting our thinking to naturally change
  • No one really likes being in a low mood, but rather then fixing this we can learn to be graceful about it
  • Only trying to be in high spirit puts additional pressure on us as we’ll mistakenly try and get what we need in the outside world!
  • When feeling down, don’t make a big deal out of it but do something “good for the heart”: watch a nice movie, eat your favourite food, go for a walk….simple things always work best!
  • When I’m visiting the “lower floors” of life, I personally resort to my heavenly helpers: red wine and meatballs while watching classic movies (Rocky is always a favourite at those times!), long walks in the park and play “hide & seek” with my puppy (she usually wins!)


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