Are these gloomy times?


Is life as we knew it about to change?


Are we suddenly realizing, You & I, not everything is about our “mini me” and there is a whole world out there?

Hell yes!!!!

I have waited a while before expressing myself on what we are facing as race.

I wanted to both gather my thoughts and also offer you “heart felt words”, before opening up about what is changing the structure of our society.

Much has been said about it already and I’m not quite sure this has actually served us most of the time.

There were those telling everybody to get a grip and stop being afraid.

I like to call them “Spiritual nazis” : they always act as if they had a special bond with the Divine and knew better than everybody else.

But there have also been those spreading terror through their messages, ’cause they are gripped by sheer fear.

Their words are heavy and anticipate dread.

They are unable to see how much people are coming together with dignity and hope in better days all over the world.

I have been watching on social media those singing united under the starry sky with all their neighbors.

This has left me humbled and grateful over and over again in the last couple of weeks.

Yes, deeply grateful.

Because at a time when we all want to hide under our blanket and reemerge when this is all over, we are slowly moving closer.

Billions of tiny worlds slowly gravitating towards one another will create one world filled with respect and dignity.

Where the strong will support the weak and the small will learn how to stand tall again.

When human beings go beyond themselves, miracles happen.

And it’s usually always at the very end, when the soul is bruised and hope almost lost.

When we transcend those limits inherited through our very being alive, we become BIG!

And that, in itself, is the most wondrous miracle of all.

If you are finding the uncertainty of this time detrimental to both your mental and emotional well being, I invite you to reach out.

I’d like to offer 1 complimentary “wisdom within” session (worth £50) for the month of March.

During our time together, I will share very easy tools anyone can use to quickly regain peace of mind and a “lighter heart.”

When we are stronger within ourselves, it’s easier to support those around with compassion and grace.

I wish you much joy and the certainty that this too, shall pass.

Antonia Lyons

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