Every transitional time requires that we let the dust settle before we can truly appreciate how far we have come.

May has been quite the month: a few twists and turns led to the need of  taking a new direction, and demanded that I’d use most of my inner resources to accommodate so many changes. Suddenly caught up in a fierce haboob I felt particularly fatigued and sometimes unable to see the way ahead. So I paused instead and let my well refill in preparation of the long journey ahead.

As the unexpected dust cloud slowly dissipates, some things have now become very clear and no matter where I am heading to, can I be comfortable with my choices and their consequences?

Can I feel big within my limitations, trusting that they contain the seed of new life?

It is not the absence of flaws that allows us to live well, rather our ability to turn them into wisdom. When we allow our limits to help us grow bigger, it does not matter how imperfect we are and we no longer worry about making the right choice. As new paths are birthing, every step we take leads us to a new awareness and serves us to get to know ourselves a bit more. Most of all, it offers us compassion for those we are journeying with when they are still slightly behind.

This month I had to become very ruthless about what I can handle and what I will allow in my space. This required integrity and the need to see where in me hides the very thing I do not accept in others, which led me to a very important finding.

Whenever we walk away from something or someone, we heal the part of us which wishes to grow beyond its suffering.

When we are in painful dynamics, there is very little room for us to move freely and leaving becomes a necessity if we are to create space for much sought mending. Eventually we come to learn that by choosing to bravely and humbly heal ourselves, we offer respite to those we leave behind. Even if they may never know and even when they may never be able to accept our departure.

May you trust a new path is being born although the horizon is out of sight. May you let the dust settle before enjoying your new surroundings. And when unsure of where to go, may you pause and take rest while the way ahead reveals itself.

In Grace,

Antonia Lyons

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