There are times when life seems to stall. We have moved away from what was familiar, but we are yet to reach the sweet spot where we can finally put our bags down and our feet up. Our final destination seems very far when we don’t feel like we are moving at all.

In between times are an essential part of everyone’s journey. We gather information on our surroundings and inner landscape, and we take stock of where we have been and what is to come with us. As we move from there to there, we are constantly asked to be here. Right in this present moment, when we may feel uncertain, unsure even of how our journey is unfolding, and yet we are asked to trust that all is at hand. When the horizon is out of sight, the only thing left to do is to connect to our “inner eagle eye.” The part of our being high enough to spot what awaits us on the other side.

I seem to have been going through a fair share of personal “in between times” for quite a while now. Although some days it feels like I have gone miles ahead, suddenly I come to a halt again.

“Stop! You have reached the “in between” zone and you are going nowhere. Unpack your bags, make yourself comfortable, and pay attention to what passes you by.”

Life works for us, always.

Even when it really seems otherwise, big hands are moving us to a place where we get to be a bigger us. It is down to us to be present enough to spot the endless allies and signs crossing our path. Recently I felt the call to stop and ask myself why I show up? For whom and what? What is the message my words wish to deliver?

These questions demanded a pause. While at first, I felt rather annoyed by having to stop and figure things out, I suddenly came to see how if we are to walk a thousand miles, we must be wearing comfortable shoes. Not too big or small, just right and able to stand the uncertain weather. Where am I going? Who am I trying to reach? And when I get there, will I be able to make myself heard and felt? Will those I am meeting along the way come with me?

The umpteenth transitional time has turned out to be a great opportunity to revisit my reasons for wishing to Evoke Grace through my work and share it with other Gracers: the ones who turn the ordinary into extraordinary by defying life’s gravity.

I am excited to carry on my journey now with a new awareness of what this entails and asks of me. I still cannot see beyond the horizon, and yet this no longer matters as much. Suddenly I long for the pauses in between my waking hours, when I call myself at home from having been in the world. Tiny breaths of delicious stillness when I can feel my heartbeat again and refresh my tired mind. Down the open road through life, I learn time again when to walk on and when to stop, and I can’t help being in awe of this grand adventure.

Antonia Lyons

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